08-08-08 (Happy Anniversary)

Tonight is the eve of my sixth anniversary with my beloved Martin. It is also the eve of our one year wedding anniversary (yup, we are two of “those” – gay men who are legally married). We also celebrated five years of being “registered domestic partners” in early May of this year – he’s “got me” every way possible…


It is a significant day for us – my Sweetie loves ANY reason to celebrate (and I do, too!) but our anniversary is special. It is significant that we are in a committed relationship bound not only by our love and commitment to one another, but also by law. I never thought that, in my lifetime, I would be legally married to the man of my dreams. I was wrong…

We will probably observe the day quietly, just the two of us, having a simple dinner out and/or maybe a movie in… See, there is no one on earth I’d rather be with than Martin – and I like to think he feels the same way about me.

I have to admit, I definitely imagined my life being a little bit different at my age than it actually is but the ONE thing I got right was marrying Martin.

Martin is the joy of my life, and I thank The Universe every day for him. Happy Anniversary, my Angel. Lots of love to you…

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