And On The Seventh Day


I hate to sound all “whine-y” or, as my dear, departed friend Dan Rogan used to say, “Go all martyr on you,” but I have worked for seven days in a row, with two more days to go before I have a “day off.” (That day off, BTW, will be spent with my spouse, siblings and father at a doctor’s appointment in an office about 142 miles away from my home, where we will be getting some test and biopsy results relating to my father’s health – fun, huh? Oh, and then another 142 miles back home…) Once that day is over, I work at least three MORE days in a row… So, what does this all mean?

My mind is a bit, um, “tired” at the moment. I anticipate this situation may continue for a few days; I’ll have to keep you posted. That said, I am taking today OFF from any serious blogging, opting instead to watch some mindless television programs with my Beloved. Thanks in advance for your understanding – I’ll be back (hopefully) tomorrow with some “witty banter,” or maybe some “insightful prose.” But for now, I leave you with this – C U L8R, G8TR ( I know – SOOOOO gay.)  🙂

PS – To my faithful (sometimes faceless) readers/followers here in Cleveland and around the US, as well as all you poor people around the globe that read this tripe I post, may I ask a huge favor? Please send my father good, loving and healing thoughts and energy. He can use it. He thanks you, and I thank you, too… Just to be sure, my father’s name is Kenny but we all call him Pop-pop. Thanks in advance…

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