Prayers for Pop-pop

I have never really been a “religious” person, although I was raised within the Catholic faith. I do, however, consider myself to be a deeply spiritual person and, with that distinction made, am sharing that I am praying for my Pop-pop tonight/this morning. Today – Wednesday, at 10AM – we find out how extensive his illness is and what treatment options are available. I have to leave to make the meeting in five hours (it is 143 miles away from here). I cannot go to sleep – I am too anxious/nervous/scared. Once I fall asleep, “tomorrow will come” and I will have to face the reality of my father’s situation.

prayerTonight I am sending a prayer up to The Universe, asking it in its infinite wisdom to spare my father any more pain, and to (maybe) see clear to allow him the chance to “get better.” My Dad is a good man – kind, loving and generous. While he is pretty opinionated (and a wee bit too Republican for me), he has a good soul and is generally loved and respected by all who know him. I love him. And I do not want him “going anywhere” any time soon…

Experts say that prayer is powerful and that, while no scientific evidence exists for why it works, it is said that prayer helps promote healing. I am asking everyone reading this post to pray for my Pop-pop today. I’d appreciate it and he would, too… I’d also like to remind The Universe that I do not ask for many “favors” so when I pray and ask this one, I hope you will take that into consideration and grant my request. Many thanks in advance for my Pop-pop’s good health.

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