The Power of Rice

Recently, I did something stupid, careless and totally avoidable – I submerged my “smart phone” underwater for probably just shy of 45 minutes or so. (BTW – If it is so “smart” how come it didn’t scream “Help me, I am drowning?”) Anyway, I am totally pissed at myself for being such a knucklehead – like I have a couple hundred bucks to replace it. Ugh…

In addition to the potential financial costs, I have also realized I am WAY more dependent on my cell phone than I realized; like today, I had to call my sister to get my father’s cell number. Why? Because I did not have it memorized; instead, I search my contact list and hit “CALL POP-POP.” Anyway…

My friends tell me that if you wanted to, you could watch a video clip on YouTube and find a tutorial about how to do a heart-lung transplant at home (the message is that there are instructional videos for how to do just about anything). So my beloved Martin and I Google’d “iPhone wet water broken” and, lo and behold, more than three dozen videos appeared. Whether they work or not, it gave me comfort to know I am NOT the only dunderhead that drowned his cell phone.

The really amazing thing, though, was before any of the phone “dissection” videos, there were dozens of entries extolling the virtues of one of man’s oldest grains – rice.


Literally DOZENS of testimonials online stated that by “bagging the wet iPhone” with uncooked rice for 24-48 hours, almost every person received a miracle – their phones WORKED again. Hooray! So I shuffled off to our local grocer, bought some plain uncooked white rice (I did consider basmati rice for a moment, thinking a fancier rice might achieve better results) and for the past 28 hours or so, my precious iPhone has been living like this:


My phone is actually in an air-tight Ziplock bag but this image looked nicer, LOL! So, I wait.

So far, no sign of life (which is in and of itself a perplexing situation – almost every post we read said to avoid attempting to turn the phone on while wet, as this can “fry the motherboard” but, unless you turn the phone on, how do you know if/when it is working again?) As I said, I could kick my own ass over this ridiculous situation.

The good news? Regardless of what happens with my phone and rice, it turns out I love rice anyway, so now at least Martin and I have some in the cupboard if we crave it!  Wish me luck!

2 responses to “The Power of Rice

  1. I once dropped a disposable camera into a terlet bowl. The pictures came out oddly awesome. And adult beverages were involved or I would never have grabbed the camera 🙂

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