Not Cute

I spend several hours of every work day interacting with children and adults. I have met some incredible parents, and I have met some parents I want to slap across the face. This little e-card pretty much sums up the type of day I had today:

not cute

There is a saying: “There are no bad dogs, just bad dog owners.” I entirely agree with that observation. I’d like to tweak it a bit and offer up this bon mot: “There are no bad children, only bad parents.” Children seem to run wild today – no discipline, no boundaries, no manners. And is that the fault of the kids? Nope – it’s because they have lame parents. I see them every day – entitled kids and miserable parents. Sigh…

I do LOVE my job but, if we could make the facility where I work “21 and Over ONLY”-  please? – that would be awesome…

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