Hello September

I have always believed one sure sign that you are aging – other than reading road signs out loud in cars when others are driving (“Look, Martin, a Bob Evans…”) – is a discussion of time in relation to the seasons. You know, things like “Gosh, it is Fall already – where’d July disappear to?” or “Before you know it, September will be over and this rain will be turning into ice and snow.” See? You know what I am talking about, LOL!

That said, I would like to say “Hello, September!”


I must admit – Summer did seem to fly by. But – honestly? I have been pretty busy lately, personally and professionally, so maybe (probably) it passed by at the standard pace; it just seemed too quick to me. I do, however, have several summertime “regrets:”

1. My Beloved and I have only been to the beach three times this summer. He loves it there, and I love being with him. I hope there are a few more “Indian Summer” weekends ahead.

2. Between me starting a new job, closing a division of my own business, my Sweetie being in Europe for five weeks in late June/early July, him starting a new job and all the other mundane “responsibilities of adulthood” (working, laundry, paying bills, grocery shopping, etc.) well, we haven’t seen our friends as much as we’d like. That sucks. 

3. My Dad’s health has been a bit of a roller coaster these past few months – I wish I had been able to spend more quality “do nothing” time with him, rather than just meeting him for doctor’s appointments and making sure he has groceries – I would just like to “hang out” with Pop-pop.

4. Speaking of hanging out, another school summer vacation has come and gone and I spent probably less than 24 hours total with our nieces and nephews. I love them all dearly so it should seem easy to make time to “do” things with them – but, alas, not so much.

5. I am still sans cell phone (my error – I drowned my iPhone). It has been about three weeks now and I frickin’ hate it! I would have never said I was someone attached to his cell but I guess I would have been a liar,

I’ll stop there with my regret list (plus that’s five – see the connection?) All I know is that, given the events of this past summer. I have come to cherish every moment I have with my Angel, and the other people I love in my life,

So, heck yeah, “Hello, September.” I plan on enjoying a kick-ass fall, so get ready…


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