Frozen Treat

My family has a lot of weird games we play/invented – one of my favorites is “Death Row Dinner.” In Death Row Dinner, one of my siblings will call out – without warning –  “Death Row Dinner, Tim” and wherever I am, whatever I am doing – I have to stop and list aloud what my last meal would be if I were on Death Row right at that second (it is actually a lot more fun than it sounds, but I digress).

For me, entrees, drinks and salad dressings come and go but ONE item always remains the same: a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby. You see, I love ice cream. No, seriously – I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice cream…

Ice creamI’m not sure why I love ice cream so much – sure, it tastes great but (in a scientific sense) I suppose I really love the “mouth feel” of ice cream – rich, smooth, creamy, delicious. I love the coldness of it in my mouth, the way the flavor/s come alive as the frozen treat melts and tempers, causing my taste buds to ramp up into overdrive. To slightly paraphrase an iconic literary character, “Ice cream? Gooooooooood.”

Ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato – I love them all, which is probably one of the main reasons I am a life-long Weight Watcher’s “work in progress.” I would eat ice cream every day if I could (and I have, LOL!) I wish ice cream held the same place in the dieting tool box as, oh, say celery sticks. Yeah, instead of celery sticks and non-fat Ranch dressing, I wish I could substitute a bowl of Moose Tracks covered with chocolate syrup (which is, BTW, non-fat!) and whipped topping. If that were the case, I might have to leave behind my old affirmation (“Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels”) and replace it with something  like this: fat bad word

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