Get Me a Chair and a Whip

As part of my new work position, I “manage” people.

Manage. People.

Ugh… I haven’t been a manager in probably 20+ years.lion tamer Clyde Beatty

At one time, I managed almost 200 people at once – 80+ servers, 35+ bus boys/girls, a Baker’s dozen of hostesses and a small army of cocktail servers, bartenders, bouncers and bar backs. (I was a LOT younger then…) For the past almost seven years, however, I have managed no one but myself; now I manage the “efforts” of nine other people – NINE adults – five days a week. It is a lot like riding a bike – it DOES come back to you but you are (maybe) not as good as you once were AND you also remember why you stopped doing it to begin with…

The excuses (“Traffic was terrible so I was 45 minutes late”), the push back (“I think wearing a name tag is stupid so I lost mine on purpose”) and the joy of interpersonal communications (“I am tired of the way so-and-so talks to me; I refuse to work with her”). It is all rushing back to me now.

I had to laugh at myself today – I looked at one of my co-workers and joked, “God, where is my whip and chair?”


It will get easier, I’m sure, but at the moment, people management is a little taxing. I hope that – very soon! – my staff will ALL be up-to-snuff and there might be a little less managing and a bit more just having fun at work. Fingers crossed…

Oh, and in the meantime? I did my first set of employee profile “snapshots” today (name, position, duties, strengths and opportunity areas). Just like management skills, my corporate vocabulary needed a little “dusting off.”

My God – I am “The Man” now… YIKES!

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