Cake – I know. It seems an odd title for a blog post. But – the reality is – it seems really appropriate today. You see, I finally forced myself to sit down tonight with my check book/my “pocket filing cabinet” stack of receipts and balance it all.

The results? Not pretty… In fact, really not pretty. This image pretty much sums it up:

tiny cake

You see, I think of my checkbook as a cake; each bill I pay/write a check for, I think of as a slice removed from the cake. I must say that tonight, the slice left? Well, the image above is pretty accurate – my slice is just about less than 35 cents. And, while I wanted to think “Let them eat cake,” the more appropriate cake phrases that came to mind were “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too” or my all time favorite, “No cake for me – oh, well, maybe just a TEENY tiny slice.”

The slice I have left is teeny tiny for sure… Teeny. Tiny. Microscopic.

A lot of things have happened recently that put a huge wrench in my financial “works”  – I started a new job, which has a regular pay rhythm, but not one I am accustomed to, along with a slightly diminished salary; there were – and continue to be  – unforeseen expenses involved with the shuttering of my brick and mortar storefront (it sucks); oh, and that new job, the one with the regular rhythm to the pay? Turns out that we are transitioning from a bi-monthly pay schedule to a bi-weekly pay schedule, so another new rhythm to fall into and learn. Factor those “trials” in with the fact that I have been traveling a lot lately due to a family member’s health issue (gas and time off work) and –

Reduced  Income x (Unforeseen)(Unexpected) Expenses = Big Ass Crabbity Tim Time

Listen – I will get it all figured out; no, actually, Martin and I will get it all figured out. But it sure as Hell is stressful as it is happening.

It’s kinda’ funny, actually – Martin and I just started watching this ridiculous TV reality series called “Utopia,” where 15 “Utopians” live off the grid and start their own society. Weird thing? They are living off the grid but have $5000 to buy things they need. Their first night there? Drunken messes (apparently alcohol exists “off the grid”). Their SECOND day there – meaning like 24 hours after they entered Utopia – all Hell breaks loose. What is the cause of all this hostility? Money… 

Money is a necessary evil, with the emphasis placed on evil. Don’t get me wrong – I would love Love LOVE to be filthy rich but, clearly, that must be gonna’ happen in my NEXT life. In the meantime though, I will begin scouring YouTube to uncover that video showing how to spin straw into gold, LOL! Oh, and I will also guard my most valuable treasure – my beloved Martin – with everything I got!

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