I’m Counting On It…

I know I have shared before that I believe The Universe speaks to me through social media, in particular, Facebook. I have been having a particularly daunting week, one with many personal, professional and financial “challenges,” not the least of which was today when someone innocently used the phrase “Last Rites” when they should have said “Anointing of the Sick” (often used interchangeably but – for this old-school Catholic boy – there is a subtle differentiation). So, as I teetered between a complete emotional break and a full-blown return to alcoholism (with a vengeance), this meme appeared in my Facebook news feed:

UniverseI felt a bit of relief when I saw this message on Facebook, sandwiched between what someone had enjoyed for lunch, the flowers someone had gotten as a make-up gift and a video clip of a pug puppy falling asleep. That Universe is sneaky – it never responds directly to my requests but “makes me work for it,” as it did today. Honestly, in a moment of sheer emotional defeat, I actually closed my eyes and asked The Universe “WTF? What do you want me to do? How can this be happening?”

A few minutes later, I received this response. And – while the answer is a bit vague – I feel better having received it. Thanks, Universe, but next time? Just call or text me.


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