Sad Man

Someone I love very much is very sick, as in VERY sick. He will not be getting better and today he is having an especially difficult day. It sucks, and I feel powerless to help him…


I have begged The Universe to help me understand why this is happening (as has the person in question) and so far, The Universe has been pretty silent on the matter. I am mad, I am sad, I am angry, I am brokenhearted, I am lost and I am just bewildered. I am usually pretty much a control freak so to be going through this, with little no options is contrary to the way I normally “work.” It really pisses me off…

I have been asking for a miracle; now I am just asking for guidance and acceptance. Please hold good intentions and prayers for Pop-pop. He needs them…

4 responses to “Sad Man

  1. Tim – I am so sorry to hear this news. Have you and your family considered hospice? It will not only help him have as good of quality of life as possible, but also supports the family. If I can offer any information, let me know. Holding all of you in prayer.


  2. As you know, I feel your pain. I guess all I can say is there is no understanding–there wasn’t for me–but I know that being with my dad when he passed and surrounding him with love and stories and laughter had to be the only way. The last time I saw my dad before his turn, he looked at me as we parted and said, “Dar, Love is the thing that endures.” I miss my dad terribly every single day but I feel the love we shared and I know that he was right. Keep it all in love, even the sadness, even the madness… it is the thing that endures. We are both so blessed to have the kinds of dads we had. Love to you, my friend, and prayers for your father’s swift and comfortable passage.

  3. Tim, my prayers are with you and your family. Take this time to be with your father and enjoy the love that you have for him. Tell him everything you want to say to him, and enjoy the time you have left with him. Don’t left anger get in your way. I deal with hospice daily and they are great people lean on them, let them help any way they can. Just enjoy the time you have left with your father and make a few last memories. God Bless You my friend.

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