So, my Beloved and I have been doing a bit of closet cleaning/re-organizing around our apartment of late, and one of the items we have decided to say goodbye to is a like-new VCR player. OK, stop laughing – yes, I said a like-new VCR player. In fact, I think I still have the original box somewhere AND the “Owner’s Manual” is in a zip-lock bag in my desk drawer…


This isn’t our exact model (ours is a SONY) but it is very much like this one. The thing is, Martin and I have been together for 6+ years and, in that time, we have NEVER watched one single VHS tape from my “archives” (over fifty titles, mostly gay art films from the 80’s and early 90’s – things like “Farewell My Concubine, The Lost Language of Cranes, Maurice, Edward II” – you know, all the art house stuff, not porn). Since we never watch them, we have decided to “give it all away.”

Sad thing is, no one wants it. Our VCR is SUCH a fossil, we might as well be giving away a flint and a steel – you know, like to build a fire with. A VCR player – while in reality maybe 25 years old is 150 years old in “tech years” (tech years are like dog years, only longer).


And – know what is REALLY sad? At least the flint and steel are “cool” – I mean, they are a cool way to start a fire. But now the cool way to watch movies is to “stream them” off the internet. No one has started a movement to make watching movies or television shows on VHS tapes “cool.” I mean, who says this? “Wanna’ come over later and watch the premiere of American Horror Story after work? I TAPED it last night.” No one does. No.One. 

The last series I “taped” – religiously – was “Dynasty” with Joan Collins and Linda Evans. God, I LOVED that show…

So yeah, I guess we will just be throwing away our old VCR – I hate that (I am of German descent; we are a frugal people. LOL!) But maybe we won’t. Maybe we will start hosting “Retro Movie Night,” inviting friends over for dinner (some sort of casserole, no doubt!) then clustering around the VCR as we watch ambiguously gay/artsy films from 25-30 years ago.

Oh – to start, I have that “Limited Edition, Commemorative 25 Year Anniversary Release” VHS tape of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Maybe we could all do the time warp again in my TV room…

Or you could just stream the entire The Rocky Horror Picture Show by clinking the link above. Sigh…

3 responses to “Fossils

  1. i was once in the same dilemma but i kept my vcr. now i buy 25 cent workout videos at the goodwill instead of a gym membership. 🙂 i don’t care who knows either!!

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