Problem Child

If I were my own parent, I’d ground me (think about that for a minute – I know, it’s a little hard to follow, LOL!) The thing is, I have a task that I have been avoiding for several days now, something I call my “Adult Homework” – balancing my checkbook. Ugh. It.Is.Torture.

do-your-homework1(Frankly I know nothing about this image; I found it on BING and it made me laugh out loud)

Anyway, so yeah – I have been “avoiding” my checkbook for several days now, probably because (like always) once everything is balanced, I will be sad to see what remains. It is an ongoing problem in my life – a paucity of excess income. (Nice SAT word, right – paucity?) I know I have shared more than once that my beloved Mom always said, “Timmy? Be grateful that you always have enough.” I’d like to put this offer (challenge?) out to The Universe: “Universe? If just ONCE I looked in my checkbook and said – after balancing everything – holy CRAP, where’d THAT money come from?” well, listen… If you think I am grateful now, well, just make that happen. You’ve never SEEN grateful.Whaddya’ think? Hmmmm?

While you are pondering my proposition, I’m off to do some online banking/bill paying, hoping that maybe, somehow an extra $100K got deposited into my checking account… Maybe.

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