As most of you know, my father (Pop-pop) is very ill; he will, in fact, probably NOT get any better. He is resting in a hospital tonight, recuperating from a small surgery today, a surgery with the goal of making him more “comfortable.”

Comfort is a word – a concept, really – that keeps cropping up in Pop-pop’s life…


My Dad’s illness has advanced to the point that hospice care is now on the scene. As many of you know, hospice does not “treat” illness, they simply make the patient more COMFORTABLE during his/her illness. As part of the hospice service experience, my Pop-pop now has a “comfort care” box of meds in his refrigerator, in case any of the hospice workers need medicine immediately. I helped my father take a shower during my last visit home and, as I was helping him get dressed, I noticed his pants boasted a “Comfort Waistband.” I assume this waistband somehow expands and contracts? Who knows? Finally, in getting updates about Pop-pop tonight, I was informed the hospital staff was going to send him off to sleep around 10P, after making sure he was comfortable. Comfortable. Comfort…

It is maddening to me that the medical field, and other related healthcare enterprises, strive so hard to ensure comfort. Heck, hospitals look like mid-range hotels now. So maybe this corporate pursuit of happiness is not all that bad. I do wish that instead of the pursuit of comfort – we could have a more tangible way to measure the level of comfort. And, I have to be honest – after more than a decade of sobriety – the “comfort” pictured below is looking pretty dang good to me right now… Good thoughts and prayers for Pop-pop, please. THX!

Southern Comfort

One response to “Comfort

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Pop-pop. I think the word comfort is overused and abused. The comfort zone for some, may not be even close to the next persons. I ask your opinion of what to wear, and your reply is. whatever you think is comfortable. My idea of comfortable might be sweats and a t shirt. Your idea of comfortable might be jeans and a button down shirt. Another thing I wanted to bring up, I suffer from COPD. As we all know, there’s no getting better from that. I also have CHF. I feel that right now, my meds are keeping me going and comfortable. I can only pray for you. Put it in God’s hands. Let him help you through this.

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