Look Up

I have had a LOT on my mind lately – my personal daily/weekly/monthly schedule has been overrun recently with work and personal matters that ALL need my immediate attention. Sigh… Some days, it is exhausting just being me, LOL.

Anyway, today at work, I did this. TWICE:

skyIt was amazing both times. I sometimes forget that we are all connected not only to one another but to our planet as well. I found both my brief visits outside very “grounding.”

I read a piece once by an author living in Manhattan, who shared that he had not walked barefoot in the grass for more than a decade. I remember feeling sorry for him.

Tomorrow I will be staying with my Dad for an overnight visit. After he falls asleep, I plan on walking around in the yard I played in as a child, in my bare feet. I’m looking forward to it…

2 responses to “Look Up

  1. I Feel like I know what you are ging through. It’s like carrying a 30 pound backpack to do anything. My best to you and your family and sending prayers of peace.

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