Monday Memes 36

The other day, as I was discussing some relatively unimportant event at work with a co-worker and was midstream in my point, she interrupted me and said, “Tim, I swear, you see the world like no other person I know.” I smiled and thanked her but she continued on, commenting that I was “…a unique individual” and that she had “…never met anyone like me.”

Now, before this post seems like a huge paean to me (S.A.T. word) or some sort of weird “look-how-great-I-am” post, I only mention this conversation as a jumping off point for today’s blog post. What I think my friend was suggesting is that I am a non-conformist – that I do not follow the “normal” rules or outline predetermined by society. I like to draw to the edge of the paper; I like to swim against the current; I just like to be me and not pretend to be anyone else.

So far – after almost 57 years here on the planet – that strategy has worked for me. And in that spirit, one of supporting fellow non-conformists, others like me who are “not normal” or who “stand out,” I offer the following graphics. I hope they inspire you to listen to your heart and be who you are want/are meant to be. The best advice I ever got? Be yourself. Enjoy!

fish conformity


notice more

Monday Memes 34

In the past 48 hours, Cleveland has received more than a foot of snow. What does that mean? Normally, a little snow in Cleveland is nothing – heck, even a foot isn’t that big a deal. That said, today kinda’ sucked because of the snow. Why? Because I parked my car on the street and snow plows apparently had no option but to PLOW my car in, pushing snow up and beyond the bottom of the doors (I drive a mini van), leaving my poor car to languish and die a slow, frozen death out on the curb. The situation sucked.

Then The Universe stepped in and reminded me that people are good and kind…


My Beloved and I spent about five hours today shopping with a client, then helping install the items she had purchased. We saw the van, looking forlorn and snow-covered as we left for the appointment. In fact, we tried to “unstick it” from its frozen cage before we left, to no avail. (We took our “other car”). When we came back, I was certain the sun had warmed the snow enough to allow me to simply drive out of the 18″ snow bank smothering the van.

It had not.

And so, with me at the wheel, my Angel began pushing the van. We rocked back and forth, gaining and then losing, inches at a time. When I saw that he looked frozen, I suggested we trade places – he would take the wheel and I would push and rock. I’m not sure why but, after about two minutes of pushing, a security officer in a Bobcat stopped and began helping push. Then another. And finally, a LADY – with two bags of groceries, walking down the street – joined in and helped. In about four minutes, the van was free!!! We all smiled, high-fived one another, then the lady grabbed her groceries, the second man walked away and the first man returned to his mini snowplow and drove off.

It was inspiring, and the experience touched my heart. For a moment I questioned if maybe I had looked that pathetic, out there pushing on my own but – no matter the reason – I was truly grateful that The Universe sent those three angels to help Martin and me.

help people

I forget sometimes that the world is full of kind, generous people – people that care about others, even strangers stuck in a snow drift. Thank you, nice lady with groceries, man out walking and security officer in a little Bobcat. I like to think you helped me and were kind to me because I am helpful and kind to others. Whether that is true or not, I will take this afternoon’s kindness, remember it and pay it forward.