Monday Memes 36

The other day, as I was discussing some relatively unimportant event at work with a co-worker and was midstream in my point, she interrupted me and said, “Tim, I swear, you see the world like no other person I know.” I smiled and thanked her but she continued on, commenting that I was “…a unique individual” and that she had “…never met anyone like me.”

Now, before this post seems like a huge paean to me (S.A.T. word) or some sort of weird “look-how-great-I-am” post, I only mention this conversation as a jumping off point for today’s blog post. What I think my friend was suggesting is that I am a non-conformist – that I do not follow the “normal” rules or outline predetermined by society. I like to draw to the edge of the paper; I like to swim against the current; I just like to be me and not pretend to be anyone else.

So far – after almost 57 years here on the planet – that strategy has worked for me. And in that spirit, one of supporting fellow non-conformists, others like me who are “not normal” or who “stand out,” I offer the following graphics. I hope they inspire you to listen to your heart and be who you are want/are meant to be. The best advice I ever got? Be yourself. Enjoy!

fish conformity


notice more

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