The Families We Create

I must admit, I am blessed with a pretty OK biological family. My bio-family is complex and complicated but, at the end of the day, we all have each other’s backs. We have endured a lot of “history” to make it to today; sometimes that history is good, sometimes it’s not so good, but it is our history (meaning past) and that is good.

Then there is my “other” family, the family I picked (and that picked me). My friend family…

Friendsa and family

Like my bio-family, my friend family is pretty small. Sure, I know HUNDREDS of people (and consider many of them “friends”) but my real, true and loyal friends are my family of choice. Some of them my Sweetie and I see once a week; some we see once a year. But these are the people you call blubbering at 4AM and – before they ask if you are insane – they make sure you are OK, offer to come over and tell you everything is going to be all right. Each of the men and women in my friend family share a personal history with me that is supportive and loving. My friends don’t hurt or disappoint me – maybe it’s because I try and be a good friend to them, too. Maybe it’s because I am lucky; whatever the reason, I am glad these guys and gals are in my life our lives, me and my hub-bub’s – and I love them all.

Tonight MSW and I are gathering with many of our chosen family, celebrating the birthday of one of our family members. And while the party will have great drinks, amazing food, delicious cake (there BETTER be cake), the thing I am most looking forward to is being there with them all, all at once, all in one place. The air will be thick with love and support and I plan to breathe/soak in as much of it as I can. It’s not even my birthday and I am getting this great gift! Happy Saturday Night indeed!Finger-People-1


Happy Birthday – Let’s Celebrate!

Today is my beloved Martin’s birthday, the fifth of his birthdays we have enjoyed together. We originally met over five years ago as the result of his birthday – a trip to meet me was his birthday gift. And I like to think it was the best gift ever (it was for me at least!)

cupcakeI wish I could share that I have some super big evening planned for us, or a huge party for my Angel; instead, we are staying home, maybe/maybe not going for a walk and watching a movie or two we rented from the library. I know – I am a lame husband. I should have had some super duper event planned but, to be honest, my Sweetie and I enjoy spending time together, just us. No offense to our amazing friends but some celebrations are meant to be personal, intimate and just between two people that really love one another. I think today/tonight will be one of those celebrations…

I have the man I love, free movies from the library and a lunar eclipse all waiting for me tonight. I better get my hands off this keyboard and go enjoy – and appreciate – all three… I am a lucky guy. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!


I know I made the commitment to blog every day this entire year, but something has come up that will force me to turn in a “fluff” piece today –


Yup, that’s right, it’s P-A-R-T-Y time!!! My Sweetie and I have been invited to the celebration of one of our best friend’s birthday tonight. So, as they say, duty calls…

I hope you understand – I have to bathe, shave, pick out a “cute outfit” (same goes for my beloved) and then we have to make the trek to party central in Parma. My beloved has had a grueling week at university this past week; work was kinda’ crazy for me, too. In addition, today the Sweetie and I have had a full day already – we got a new “new-to-us” sofa, a new rug AND a new lamp for our TV room and ran some other errands as well. I mean, we need a break… Friends, food, fun and C-A-K-E? Hooray!!!

The “new room” will get installed tomorrow but for tonight? Let the merrymaking begin!

Hope you all have an awesome Saturday! Be back tomorrow!!! 🙂