Sorry – Today I Am “Beached Out”

… I mean bushed, LOL!

My beloved and I had a BIG day today. We:

Stopped at the Dillard’s Outlet for a quick visit. I got new shorts; he got some new swim trunks, Then,

We drove out to Perry, Ohio to a fruit farm/orchard owned by an old friend from my days at The Ohio Design Centre. In the shadow of the nuclear power plant, we got a walking tour of the orchards – they were magnificent! And we bought some sour cherries – my beloved is gonna’ make some sour cherry cordial, a delicious alcohol-based beverage. Yummy. Then,

We spent a couple of hours at our favorite summer place, Mentor Headlands State Park:

Headlands State Park

State park SignThe water was really rough today – and cold! – due in part, I’m sure, to the excessive rain we have experienced lately but we love it there. After baking in the sun for ninety minutes or so, we took off for our favorite “trifecta” of off-price shopping:

Big Lots

Gabriel Bros




Only in Mentor can you find all three of these discount giants in ONE strip mall. It is definitely one-stop shopping. And, finally – after all THAT – we ran thru Marc’s to grab a few grocery “things…”

I am beat. I had fun. I love my Sweetie but, man oh man, that guy can S-H-O-P, LOL! I’ll write something more “profound” tomorrow. Promise. ‘Night, y’all…


My Eyes, My Eyes!

OK, OK, – so, hot on the heels of my crab-tastic post yesterday, bitching about Cleveland’s sixteen (seventeen?) consecutive days of rain, today the sky/weather looks like this:

Blue Skies with SunThat is NOT an actual pic of the Cleveland sky today but close enough.

I have to share that, as someone of a somewhat “paler complexion,” I typically look forward to bright, sunny days with dread – usually dressing/looking more like this guy,

Invisible Man STill

but today it actually felt really, REALLY good to feel sunlight on my face. I did feel a little like Ray Milland’s character from the classic sci-fi thriller, “The Man With the X-Ray Eyes” today though – I walked out and uttered that now-classic line – “My eyes, my eyes!” – when I saw all the sunlight and blue skies. It was bright – and glorious!

I hope you all have a chance to feel some sunlight on your faces today. It is amazing how uplifting it can be for the spirit. I also hope this “sunny weather trend” continues. I am OFF work tomorrow and hope the sunny weather stays with us; I am planning on taking my beloved SBF, Martin, to a fruit farm about 30 minutes outside Cleveland to so some “sweet and sour cherry pickin’ in the orchard.”

C’mon, Universe – do me a favor: Please let the sun shine tomorrow, too! Thanks in advance!