Fallen Angel

Martin and I have a small but awesome group of friends – friends that celebrate holidays with zest and gusto. Two of our friends host a Halloween SPOOK!tacular every year (it’s pretty frickin’ fabulous!) We “made the guest list” for the past two years; we have made the invite list again this year. HOORAY!

I have already started obsessing about a costume. I think I want to go as a Fallen Angel but – if I do – Ill need these:

black angel wings

Wings. Glorious wings – big, full, AMAZING black wings. Thoughts, anyone?

Halloween Is Coming – Choices, Choices, Choices

So, Martin and I have been invited to a “Spooktacular Halloween Party,” hosted by our good friends, Mike and Chris. We went to their party last year and it was AMAZING – so much fun! This is how Martin and I looked last year:Iphone 009That’s me on the left and Martin on the right. Not too bad, yes? Well, this years’s invite says the following:

 ~ Please join us for some Halloween hysteria dressed up as your favorite TV character from the past 60-years. Punky Brewster, the Cheers gang, Lucy, the Brady Bunch – the options are endless. But whatever character you choose be ready to compete! We will be handing out prizes for best 50-60’s, 70-80’s and 90’s to present characters. Since we are giving all you amazing goblins a decent heads up, heads will roll if you don’t come in costume! ~ 🙂

So – clearly – the evening is “on” as they say. Here are some of my initial character thoughts – please let me know what you think:

The Odd CoupleTed and Felix from The Odd Couple – an iconic TV “couple” but not great costume opportunities. Plus, I hate cigars. Then there is Dr. Smith and Will Robinson from the much-loved series from my youth, Lost in Space:

Dr. Smith and Will RobinsonI mean, I do have red hair (at least some!) Sad thing is, I’d want a robot, LOL!. And, speaking of iconic TV couples, well there is the original ambiguously-gay duo, Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie:Bert and ErnieI mean, the costumes and the make-up could be great but I look TERRIBLE in turtle necks. The best couple might be The Skipper and Gilligan from Gilligan’s Island but my Sweetie and I already were these guys like three Halloweens ago: Skipper and GilliganAgain, no great make-up or costumes but pretty easy, so maybe. These magicians aren’t really on TV regularly but Penn and Teller have done a few TV specials, so:

Penn and TellerPlus, if we consider performers who have appeared on TV, that widens the “celebrity pool” even wider – I mean, we could go as Liberace and Scott Thorson, either original version:Liberace and Scott Thorsonbut I’m not sure I could find us that fur coat; or, we could go as the bio-pic version:Bipoic Lee and Scottthe costumes would definitely be easier. Sigh. I just don’t know who to “be.” OMG, wait – if we could pull off THESE costumes and make-up, we’d win for sure:MJ and Bubblesand at the very least, I wouldn’t have to shave my beard, LOL!

What do YOU think? Who should we be? I appreciate suggestions and comments – thanks!