Monday Memes 33

Or should this entry be called “Money Memes 33?”

I have recently spent a lot of time examining what I like to call my own personal return on investment – actually more like my return versus investment. In this “unscientific survey,” I have examined the amount of time and energy I invest in EARNING a living versus the amount of time and energy I actually invest IN living.

The early results are in, and the findings are NOT encouraging:

1204-20121002-WORK-WORKYes, it seems as though I WORK WORK WORK and realize little enjoyment in not only MAKING a living but also in spending my earnings – I mean, who gets excited about buying a new set of tires for their car?pay billsYes, sadly I seem to spend the better part of EVERY day just trying to keep up/break even on life. It beats me down sometimes, I mean, this is SO true:

dieI’m not sure what the answer is but I plan on investing considerable time and energy into finding out (the answer). Don’t get me wrong, I lead a fairly nice, fairly comfortable life but, my goodness, how nice it would be to afford the luxury of going out to dinner and not think about how high my credit card balance is on the old AmEx. Hopefully things will be better soon – some questions will get answered at work, some debt will be erased through hard work and good fortune and there are trips planned for the upcoming months (some weekend and some international). Maybe it’s all in one’s point of perspective but man oh man, how can it take days/weeks/months to earn and save money, only to be spent in literally like two minutes?

BTW – Someone messaged me and let me know that I generally post graphics here, not memes in the traditional sense and questioned why I called this column Monday Memes. Listen. Go pound.

Money – Making It/Spending it

See the guy in the image below? I have no idea what that problem is he’s solving on the blackboard but, when I sit down with my “bill pile,” my checkbook, a calculator and a delicious cool beverage, a scenario similar to that shown on the blackboard unfolds – lots of numbers that make no sense to me…

math-equations-blackboardAgain, I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what the problem on this board is “asking you to solve for,” but here is MY unsolvable math problem:

“Why does it take so long to make money, yet take only seconds to spend it?”

Or, put another way, why does it take me literally three minutes to send out the money it takes me weeks – sometimes months – to earn? And a question to pony onto that one is, why do utility companies continue to raise prices on services (electric, cable, gas, etc.) when every economic model I ever studied suggests that as any producer becomes more lean and efficient, there should follow a natural and customary reduction in the costs of goods or services provided? I simply cannot understand it all…

Of course I also can’t understand how a people can still afford to eat out at restaurants “pricier” than Friday’s, or how anyone can afford to shop at Sak’s when it’s “Not Off 5th” or when jeans at Old Navy started costing $45.00 a pair.

Sigh. I guess maybe I am just “feeling the squeeze” today but, really, is anyone else getting pinched or is it just me? Don’t get me wrong, we have a comfortable life. But really, just ONCE at the end of the month I’d like to look in my checkbook and be able to say, “Holy crap, where did that¬†extra $200.00 come from?” We always have enough; one month, I’d like to have just a little more…

I used to keep my nose to the grind stone; now I am leaning in with my whole face, neck and shoulder.