My Eyes, My Eyes!

OK, OK, – so, hot on the heels of my crab-tastic post yesterday, bitching about Cleveland’s sixteen (seventeen?) consecutive days of rain, today the sky/weather looks like this:

Blue Skies with SunThat is NOT an actual pic of the Cleveland sky today but close enough.

I have to share that, as someone of a somewhat “paler complexion,” I typically look forward to bright, sunny days with dread – usually dressing/looking more like this guy,

Invisible Man STill

but today it actually felt really, REALLY good to feel sunlight on my face. I did feel a little like Ray Milland’s character from the classic sci-fi thriller, “The Man With the X-Ray Eyes” today though – I walked out and uttered that now-classic line – “My eyes, my eyes!” – when I saw all the sunlight and blue skies. It was bright – and glorious!

I hope you all have a chance to feel some sunlight on your faces today. It is amazing how uplifting it can be for the spirit. I also hope this “sunny weather trend” continues. I am OFF work tomorrow and hope the sunny weather stays with us; I am planning on taking my beloved SBF, Martin, to a fruit farm about 30 minutes outside Cleveland to so some “sweet and sour cherry pickin’ in the orchard.”

C’mon, Universe – do me a favor: Please let the sun shine tomorrow, too! Thanks in advance!