Super Saturday – And A Quiz

Proving that The Universe is indeed loving and benevolent, today I have enjoyed a GREAT Saturday – indeed, I might call it a Super Saturday (no sports reference intended or implied). After yet another somewhat challenging week at work, this day has been a breath of fresh air for sure…

It all started unremarkably enough with my weekly Weight Watcher’s weigh in. I must confess I was not surprised that the scales bore witness to my less-than-attentive efforts this past week but it was nothing unexpected or surprising. As with so many areas in my life – work, therapy, weight loss – when I focus and “put in the work” I see the results. So, I forgave myself and forged ahead with my day.

A surprise call from our friends Joe and Scott really turned my morning around. Scott and Joe are super BFF’s to Martin and me and they wanted to know if we felt like having an “Adventure Day” – lunch and shopping. What? I mean what could be better, right? Great friends + Spontaneity = Super Day! So, Scott and Joe swung by and picked us up, we had a great lunch at a “celebrated” local deli (thick-cut Challah Granola French Toast – know why my Weight Watcher’s weigh-in was bad?) and then we were off to shop!

We spent probably an hour and a half at a big home goods store, looking at everything for nothing in particular. It was fun to just kill time and laugh with good friends. It is also always fun to watch other couples interact, if only to remind me that when we bicker (Martin and I), we are no different than other couples, gay or straight – we laugh, we argue, we “make-up” and we love each other the entire time. Anyhow, it was super fun and it was during this part of the day that my entry in the “Gayest Remark of the Day” Contest happened…

As we were in the bedding department, Joe handed me a set of sheets which had some embroidery detailing and some “open work” and said he thought I’d like them, to which I responded:

“I am a pretty big fan of the embellished sheet.” And – although I am – we all laughed about how “gay” that sounded. It was a cute moment for sure.

embroidered bed linens

The four of us had a blast, and we all got some great stuff (I did not buy the sheets, LOL!) After that store, we actually went to a nearby natural foods market, where we shopped for a few things. The store is lovely – and I was again reminded that “healthy eating = expensive eating” – but more than anything, that experience reinforced to me that good friends, people that you love and love you back, can do anything and have a great time. I mean, I was in a grocery store looking at prickly pear leaves, having a blast.

marketAfter we checked out, our friends drove us home through some of the streets of gorgeous, stately homes that populate our neighborhood (we live in an apartment). As we oogled at huge Tudors, Georgians and Colonials, imagining who lived in each and what they did for a living, Joe turned in his submission for the “Gayest Remark of the Day” Contest. As we all were looking at a huge brick Colonial which, oddly enough, did only have shutters on one half the windows, Joe offered this bon mot:

“Windows look naked without shutters. Shutters are like eye shadow on a house.” Again, we all agreed and laughed really hard.

Anyhow, in spite of their insistence that we join them for cedar plank grilled salmon at their house (we are going tomorrow night instead – hooray!), Martin and I came home. We thanked the boys for a really fun, really relaxed and comfortable day. We hugged them and away they went. Martin and I headed in… On the way, we stopped and grabbed the mail.

In today’s mail was a brief but very touching note card from our dear friends Chris and Reinhold, written as they were flying from San Francisco to Germany. Those two guys are our West Coast besties – we share a similar history and struggles and are all now at good places. It was an unexpected and beautiful moment, and I feel privileged to know those gents. That short note from Germany reminded me that the world, while huge, is actually very small and physical distance never diminishes the closeness of the hearts of friends. I cannot wait to go visit those guys again.air mailSo, now I am off to watch a movie with my Beloved – another Saturday night in, which is awesome. I know The Universe hears me bitch and moan a lot so today, I want to say “Thank You!” for an awesome day, thank you for awesome friends, thank you for an awesome spouse (Love you, MSW!) and thank you for a life that is, indeed, pretty awesome. I sometimes forget how lucky I am – thanks for the reminder today!

PS – Don’t forget to leave your selection for the “Gayest Remark of the Day” Contest in the comments below. Who will win, Tim or Joe?  😀

I’m a Terrible Person

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, a day revered and anticipated by millions of people around the globe (BTW, it is also Groundhog Day, another worthless excuse for a “holiday.”) I should be super stoked about today but I’m not. In fact, my furry idol, Tardar Sauce, a.k.a. Grumpy Cat, completely and most succinctly expresses my feelings about Super Bowl Sunday below…

GC Super BowlI mean, it will still be a fun day – we are getting together with four good friends for great food and company but, to be honest, I am not even excited about the halftime show today (sorry, Bruno Mars). So, all you crazed sports fans? Have an amazing day. As for me, I will “phone it in” while enjoying delicious chili, probably a car load of chips/dip and cheese/crackers and pretzels (Weight Watchers damned!), as well as what-look-to-be-amazing dark chocolate raspberry brownies topped with vanilla ice cream (my hubby and I made them – they look yummy delicious!) I guess I better wear some pants with an elastic waistband!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, Everyone!

A little late…

…and a LOT tired. I have had a long and lovely day. The Moscow Ballet for The Nutcracker. The opening of the outstanding NEW Parma-Snow Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library. A late dinner with our besties at 10:00PM…

sleepy catAll in all, it has been a perfect day, but long. L-O-N-G. As I write this, I have been awake for over nineteen hours. I got to get some sleep. Night, y’all!

My Battle With FFC

Today was a super fun day – I went to the 41st Annual Yankee Peddler Festival with my beloved Martin and our friends, Scott and Cori. Billed as…

Yankee peddler…a unique blend of traditional and new,” Yankee Peddler is a “…step back in time 200 years, a visit to pioneer America with master artists and crafters setting up rustic shops along streams and amid lovely wooded dales, with foods and snacks cooked over open fires, and with non-stop entertainment.” (click image above or here to be linked to the website). It is a lot of fun for sure.

I’m not sure if he was part of the non-stop entertainment but we sure saw this guy often…

Yankee peddler guyI mean, I do not know how he could have been everywhere all day long…

Anyway, Martin and I had fun, walking and shopping with Cori and Scott. Cori and Scott both bought some things and Martin and I got a few Halloween decorations and I bought a piece of glass for my “blue glass collection.” The day also reminded me of two VERY important facts:

1. In colonial America, few people accepted credit cards – it was mostly a “cash only” day (thanks, Scott, for having a wallet with real money inside).

no cc2. A day spent at the Yankee Peddler will often result – as it did with me – in a condition I have nicknamed “FFC” – Fried Food Compulsion.

All day long, the group and I sampled and tasted a wide variety of foods which, in retrospect, make me feel ashamed kinda’ ashamed. I ate: fish and chips (fried), a funnel cake (fried), pierogies and onions (fried in butter!) and apple fritters (fried). I also enjoyed a chocolate-covered Oreo and some chocolate cheesecake fudge – at least THOSE two things weren’t fried…

Funnel cake

fudgeI have to confess – I have battled FFC before – like in any mall food court – but today? I simply could not fight the good fight. I ate and ate and ate my way through the “…rustic shops nestled along streams in wooded glens.”

And I enjoyed it, too!

Thanks, Universe, for giving me this fun day with friends (and for NOT clogging my arteries too badly). And Mr. Raccoon Hat? We’ll all see you next year!

Saturday PM – 3F’s

Today is the first day in a three-day weekend away from work and, to kick off the next 72 hours or so, Martin and I are attending a big 3F Event tonight – friends, food and fire.

Tonight we are going to our first “fall-ish” party, a fire pit party that will have lots of good friends, loads of good food and – hopefully – a great, gigantic roaring fire. And while it may be a little early in the season to be hoping for a lot of these…

early fall leaves…the air has been cool for the past couple days so I suspect this evening will be no different. It is definitely a time for “hoodies” and long pants, LOL! We are excited to see our friends, some whom we have not seen in months. It will definitely be a great time… Plus, if there could be any of this going on…

toasting marshmallows… then the evening will move from perfect to sublime. It is always magical for me when the seasons change, and Fall is absolutely my favorite season. We are excited about this casual backyard get-together and know it is the kick-off to our most amazing Fall ever. Now, off to find a cute “outfit” to wear!

Banishing the “Head Demons”

Last night, my beloved and I enjoyed dinner with quite probably our six closest friends – the meal was FANTASTIC, the company incredible and the conversation – while introducing a few unexpected and “adult” topics as the evening progressed – was lively, engaging and pretty flippin’ fun. Our hosts were ridiculous – I don’t think a cocktail glass was ever empty longer than 30 seconds. It was so, so, SO much fun…

It was really fun for me because I woke up a little tired but free from “head demons,” the term I always used to describe that horrible hangover headache.

I don’t drink; I have been “sober” for about eight years or so now. I am not in recovery; rather, I decided that drinking was a bad personal choice for me. See, I used to drink – a LOT – and was really good at it. And most Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings (sometimes other days, too!), this was what my head felt like:

head demonsA classic drawing showing me battling “The Head Demons,” LOL!

Yeah, me and drinking? HOORAY!!! Me and hangovers? BOO! And I mean a BIG boo! So now, I enjoy Diet Coke while my friends imbibe – I am always a great designated driver and I really, REALLY don’t mind at all. I really don’t.

I joke sometimes about how I am thinking about starting to drink again but I probably never will. And I am not judging – I have no issue with others drinking at all; in fact, I kinda’ like when they do. I get “contact drunk” just like you can get contact high being around people that smoke (or at least I have always heard that, LOL!) I love seeing my friends relaxed and happy, being silly. It really does make me feel good. My friends happy make me happy…

And my need to always have a gallon of OJ, a big bottle of extra-strength ibuprofen tablets and room-darkening blinds has been addressed, LOL!


It IS Everywhere…

Today was ANOTHER less-than-joyful day for me. Work? Ugh… I won’t even punish you all with the details. I will just say this – When I was younger and would say something like “I wish this day were over,” my beloved Mom would always say something like, “Timmy, don’t wish your life away. Someday you’ll wish you had all those hours back.”

Today my Mom would have been wrong – I would have GLADLY given a few hours away…

Anyway, I managed to get through today and was invited to a LGBT networking event by my good friends, Tim and Per. The event was sponsored by PLEXUS, Cleveland’s Chamber of Commerce for the LGBT community and its allies. I went kinda’ begrudgingly but ultimately had a fun time, made some new friends AND actually went home with this:

VISAAs it turns out, they had a drawing for anyone that had dropped their business card in the fishbowl – guess who won a $25 VISA Gift card? Yup – me! It was a nice surprise and a great way to end a relatively crappy day.

Thanks, VISA – You may not have been EVERYWHERE I wanted to be today, but you were in that fishbowl for me. HOORAY!!!

Four Outta’ Seven? Yikes!

I have come to terms with the fact that even though I no longer observe or practice the Catholic faith, I will always “be” Catholic – as my therapist says, “Once a Catholic, always a Catholic.” (She also always thanks The Church for supplying her with many clients, LOL!)

Anyway, in a weird sort of Catholic flashback, I realized that today I will be committing several of the Seven Deadly Sins:


For those unfamiliar with the list, click the image above to review a brief but concise description of these mortal sins “…believed to destroy the life of grace and charity within a person and thus create the threat of eternal damnation.”

Pretty heavy stuff, right? No wonder they are called “deadly.”

The thing is, today I shall commit four of the seven sins.

1. SLOTH – Today is my day off and, so far, I have done pretty much N-O-T-H-I-N-G all day. Nothing. Strike one.

2. PRIDE – Earlier today, I finished a project that I have been putting off for a while. With the final keystroke, I completed the job and felt a profound sense of accomplishment, pride if you will. Yikes – strike two.

3. GLUTTONY – Later tonight, my beloved M and I are having dinner with our two “besties.” They are amazing hosts and, not only do I always eat too much of the fantastic meals they prepare, I also…

4. ENVY – …their outstanding culinary skills. I mean, they are kick-ass cooks. Holy cow, two more deadly sins simply by eating dinner with friends! Strikes three and four!

So, listen, there are still three deadly sins I (hopefully!) will NOT commit today, although I did get a bit angry earlier at the grocery (Wrath?), bought a scratch-off lottery ticket hoping I would win $10K (Greed?) and, well, my Sweetie got a new haircut today and looks even MORE handsome than usual (Lust?)

OMG. I am in BIG trouble!!!

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Note: For whatever reason, my blog entry for 03 July 2013 did not post as planned. Here it is…

So, as is our Fourth of July holiday tradition, my beloved Martin and I are sitting on the lawn at Blossom Music Center – a fantastic outdoor concert venue here in northeast Ohio – waiting to enjoy an evening of patriotic music provided by The Cleveland Blossom Festival Orchestra. And the evening ends with a kick-ass fireworks show!

Lawn seating at Blossom Music CenterThis slick, panoramic image taken by me with my new iPhone 5, LOL!

Sadly, as is tradition, “dark clouds” are gathering – you can see them in the pic. Martin, Joe and Scott (our two “besties”) are all checking every weather service forecast and we are all crossing our fingers. Last year, we got drenched – DRENCHED – and ran to the car before the fireworks started. This year, I am hoping for a better result; we are armed with tarps, baggies and umbrellas. I’ll keep you posted…


I know I made the commitment to blog every day this entire year, but something has come up that will force me to turn in a “fluff” piece today –


Yup, that’s right, it’s P-A-R-T-Y time!!! My Sweetie and I have been invited to the celebration of one of our best friend’s birthday tonight. So, as they say, duty calls…

I hope you understand – I have to bathe, shave, pick out a “cute outfit” (same goes for my beloved) and then we have to make the trek to party central in Parma. My beloved has had a grueling week at university this past week; work was kinda’ crazy for me, too. In addition, today the Sweetie and I have had a full day already – we got a new “new-to-us” sofa, a new rug AND a new lamp for our TV room and ran some other errands as well. I mean, we need a break… Friends, food, fun and C-A-K-E? Hooray!!!

The “new room” will get installed tomorrow but for tonight? Let the merrymaking begin!

Hope you all have an awesome Saturday! Be back tomorrow!!! 🙂