Teletubbies Goodnight

Today was my sixth day of working in a row, in a sequence of nine days before I get a day off. I am not complaining; in fact, I am thankful for both the jobs I have – it’s just that my mind is a bit “fuzzy” at this point and, try as I might, I have not been able to divine a clear topic or theme for tonight’s blog post. So, rather than “phone in” some lame-ass blathering, I will instead simply register my apologies in advance, and leave you all with this cute picture of the Teletubbies. Why, you ask? Why not? ‘Nite, y’all. Back tomorrow!


From left: Po, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Tinky-Winky (with purse)

The Evolution of Angels

As a child, I enjoyed seeing this type of angel appear every December:

snow angelBut now, as an adult gay man, I LIVE for this type of angel appearance every December:

behati-prinsloo-131438_w1000The divine being pictured above is super model Behati Prinsloo. In addition to being obscenely beautiful – and having a super cool name – she is also a Victoria’s Secret angel AND is engaged to Adam Levine of Maroon 5.

Not too bad, eh?

The yearly Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has become as much a part of our annual holiday traditions as A Charlie Brown Christmas, or the movie Holiday Inn. We watch the angels every year and, to be honest, they are so unbelievably beautiful – their figures, those outfits, the wings, OMG, the WINGS! – that I frequently mist up and almost cry. These ladies are unworldly in their beauty (that’s coming from a guy that has been “a gay” his entire life).

I don’t want to sleep with any of them; I do, however, want to be their best friend.

I had another extremely long day today. Between overwhelming work and some personal matters (all good things), every day is about five hours too short. In fact, I wasn’t even aware tonight was the show and, to be honest, I still haven’t seen it. All of it. The day was too short.

I did, however, cheat and watch the final “walk” with Taylor Swift performing. Like a child on Christmas Eve, I couldn’t wait. The finale took my breath away. The angels did NOT disappoint; I cannot WAIT to see the entire show…

“In my dreams they come to me, Angels of Light with broad white wings…”

That’s a BIG Number, Right?

11000 sunriseEarlier today, my humble little blog received its 11,000th “view” – that seems mind-boggling to me for a number of reasons (about 11,000 really, LOL!)

When I started five – a blog on 01 January of this year, I nicknamed it my 365 Project, with the goal being to blog once a day for the entire year. I chose this project for a number of reasons – I wanted to hone my writing skills, I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas with people I would probably never meet in person, I wanted (hoped) to “make a difference in the world” by sharing my experiences as a gay man in my mid fifties in a binational relationship and, most of all, I guess I just wanted to see if I could “do it.”

The last goal has sometimes proven to be the hardest.

Some days, the “well is dry” as they say. I think once or twice I have posted “cute kitten pics” just to have a post that day; other days, I have been so fired up that my blog seemed like a Stephen King book (long and rambling). I don’t think I have repeated a topic, or at least hope I haven’t written the same things, twice. A number of weeks ago, I suffered a long and angry period where, honestly, my posts looked like the ravings of someone with borderline personality disorder. Yet, through all of it, I have continued to peck away at the keyboard and thousands of eyes have read my efforts. It is both ego-boasting and very humbling.

Anyway, I wanted to say “THANKS” to everyone that has taken the time to digest the tripe I commit to paper. It is fun for me – I hope it is fun for you, too. We are in the home stretch of the 365 – I think I have about fifty-three more posts to go.

I plan to continue blogging beyond the 365 mark. As long as someone reads, I will write…

Glasses Pen Paper

He STILL Makes Me Feel Mighty Real

Depending on your source, yesterday or today was the birthday of Sylvester James, commonly known as Sylvester, one of the first great “personas” of disco. For those unfamiliar with Sylvester, he could best be described as Diana Ross, Thelma Houston and Martha Wash, all rolled into one. For me, as a gay boy coming out in Mansfield, Ohio in the mid/late 70’s, Sylvester epitomized sexual freedom, disco and fabulousity, all in one energetic package.

First at Richard’s Night Club in Mansfield and later – when I had gas money – at clubs like The “K” (Kismet), The Grotto and The Twilight in Columbus, my gay posse and I would bump and bus stop for hours on the weekends, drinking 3.2 beer and feeling oh so glamorous. We would dance to EXTENDED remixes of “Dance (Disco Heat)” till our Huck-a-poo Shirts and Angel Flight elephant bells (no outside seams!) were soaked with sweat.

And I loved it…

Sylvester's Greatest Hits Album Coverclick image above to hear “Dance (Disco Heat)” – 1978

For people that were born AFTER disco, I kinda’ feel sorry for you. In my opinion, no other musical movement has ever been so liberating or joyful, so glamorous or just plain beautiful. We planned our “outfits” days before the weekend arrived. We aspired to be as handsome as John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. The four, six or eight of us – we were a big group – all knew we were going to move to New York and hang out at Studio 54 with Halston and Liza and Warhol. We would be friends with super models – heck, we were already friends with stunning drag queens in Columbus with names like Brandy “Lick Me” Lamont, Tiff Daniels, Misty Blue and Miss Georgia Jackson. Those ladies were “fierce” before the word was even invented; they were “hot” decades before Paris Hilton was even born. And the soundtrack always running in the background – the music that made me feel alive – was always Sylvester. Sylvester’s music fused with my soul. He made me feel “mighty real…”

Sylvester: Mighty RealGreatest Dance Hits album coverclick image above to hear “You Make Me feel (Mighty Real)” – 1978 

Sadly, eventually disco faded. No one from our group moved to NYC. No one met any super models. Most of us went on to have fairly regular lives, although quite a few of us are gone now. And yet, whenever, I hear these songs, I am transported back to the glittery night life of my youth, surrounded by Kirk and Chip and Donnie and Kevin, Scott and Creepy David (long story), Rick and Little Gregg and Harold – and so many others.

Music has always been very special to me, and Sylvester? Thank you for being such a HUGE part of my coming out, and the decades since. I have always believed Heaven looks like a big, olde skool disco – shiny, with glitter balls and smoke machines and beautiful men and women just dancing and feeling free. I hope I don’t see you TOO soon but, when I get to Heaven, I’ll follow the music till I find you so I can finally thank you in person and tell you how much your music has meant to me….

Sylvester Jamesclick image above to read Sylvester’s bio

While the songs above are probably more familiar, please click the mirror ball below to hear Sylvester sing “Stars” from 1979. It is MY favorite Sylvester song – it is an amazing affirmation set to music. “You are a star…” 

Mirror Ball

Pomosexuality. What?

I – perhaps erroneously –  pride myself on being pretty dang “PC” (politically correct), reasonably well-informed/current with “trends” and fairly up to date with cultural “shifts.” All that said, I was flabbergasted today to discover a new category had been added to the constantly growing list of non-label labels. I was reading a piece online that mentioned “pomosexuality.”

Pomosexuality? What the hell is that?

According to Urban Dictionary, turns out that pomosexuality is, “… a non-orientation in which people disregard sexual labels altogether. In the world of pomosexuality, the superficial orientation identifications (a.k.a. gay, straight, etc.) are insignificant and not what people should accord to. Stems from postmodern sexuality.”

Huh? Please use it in a sentence…

“Gay/Straight Alliances were the first step toward unification, but they weren’t enough. What if neither gays nor straights existed, and were all simply called people? With pomosexuality, there is less reason for division in the world.”

Oh, OK. So when the world is full of pomosexuals, each of our innate, hard-wired sexual orientations will be disregarded or ignored as a label or marker. It is somehow understood that all livings beings are sexual but we will never again say, for example, “I met the nicest gay couple at Willow’s cook-out,” or “I have never seen a two people more sexually into each other than Diane and Evan – those raging heterosexuals…”  I don’t know – it all seems a little Puritanical and “neutering” to me…
Listen, I get it – no one should be “reduced” down to his or her sexuality but as a gay man that has, at times, struggled with my own sexuality, I have come to understand and accept that it is definitely a part of what makes me me. Plus, I have never understood the logic of inventing a new word or label to banish an existing one – seems a little counterproductive to me, am I right?
So before the whole pomosexuality movement starts gaining traction, I respectfully suggest that we forget the whole thing – at least the new term. Do I love and embrace the idea of people just being people, regardless of our sexuality? You bet I do. But – at least for me – it’s OK for people to refer to me as “gay.” I am – so what?
We don’t need any new words to ignore sexuality, we just need some new attitudes about sex and sexuality. I think if we all stopped conceptualizing so much and actually started implementing new ways of thinking about sex and sexuality, the world would – without any special terms or labels – just turn into a world where each of us are just people…

Do These Shoes Make My Feet Look…

… too Elvis? 

“Well, it’s one for the money, Two for the show, Three to get ready, Now go, cat, go. 

But don’t you step on my blue suede shoes. You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes. 

Well, you can knock me down, Step in my face, Slander my name all over the place. 

Do anything that you want to do, but uh-uh, Honey, lay off of my shoes…”

Blue seude shoes, undies and socks

So Sunday, as is our frequent routine, my beloved Martin and I did a quick “off-price shopping” run. Coming from Europe, off-price shopping (think Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx or Marshalls) is still a new experience for him. Anyway, yesterday I was apparently in a “blue” mood. Thanks to a combination of a rewards certificate, a “birthday” coupon and fortuitous placement on the clearance racks, I came home from DSW with the blue suede bucks above for a song. They are definitely more of a “Fall” style, given their deep navy color but I think they will look cute as hell with jeans…

I also scored the navy and white striped American Eagle “undies” at like 25% of the regular retail price. Believe it or not, as a gay guy, I am a bit late to the game in the whole fancy, sexy undies department – and, as a man that needs an XL (for the waist and nothing else, LOL!) , I am always ecstatic to discover big boy panties on the racks. No kidding – see how my boxer briefs say “American Eagle” around the waistband? My Sweetie’s say “LE (eagle logo) AMERI” around the waist!

The socks in the pic are from a previous shopping excursion but I thought the image needed a third “something” – it was just a pair of underwear and a pair of shoes – two pairs, if you will. Good in poker, bad in photos.

So yesterday was a “blue” day for me. I hope my shoes don’t/won’t look silly on my feet but, even if they do, they make me happy when I look at them so who cares? They are kinda’ unexpected for me, I suppose, but I am tired of being so “normal” and “expected.” I guess maybe ladies have known all along the power of a fun pair of shoes…