The Good Stuff

I work with a lovely lady that brings her lunch to work every day; truth be told, she typically brings in enough food to feed EVERYONE at work almost every day. Today was no different; in fact, today she made sure to tell me to “…have a couple slices of that good Jewish rye bread.” That GOOD Jewish rye bread. Which makes me ask myself – does she offer BAD Jewish rye bread to people she doesn’t like?

moldy breadI don’t know – maybe it’s just me. But “good” as a descriptor for any edible food stuff makes me both laugh and cringe. It’s like last week, some friends were talking about that “…good ice cream they got at Mitchell’s.” I mean, is there BAD ice cream, really? If so, what is it – flavored with horse meat? YUK!

FA6Um, yeah – OK, gross… Another favorite is alcohol. I always love going to a party and the host pulls me aside to let me know to “…ask for the good stuff.” What – do the other, less in-the-know guests have to suffer with cocktails made with generic (BAD) booze?

boozeLike I said – maybe I am just weird about that word – good. But I guess, for me at least, when you offer me a drink/ice cream/bread – whatever – it WILL be the “good” whatever it is because you are my friend. My GOOD friend…   😉