Spontaneous Friends

Martin and I like to think we are great “spontaneous friends,” meaning that we are up for most anything at a moment’s notice. This is a gift, an easygoing way of being that I think most of our circle of friends appreciate. Does that mean that we don’t have a certain Halloween party already on the calendar for October? Is there a “Holiday Happening” coming up in December that we cannot/will not miss? Of course – everybody plans for special days and events but I think too many of us try to plan too much. be spontaneousSure, maybe that philosophy sounds a little ‘fiddle-dee-dee” but today is a perfect example.

My Sweetie has been trying to get together with one of his dearest – if not best – friends all summer. That have text-ed and called and scheduled back and forth until the summer is all but over, never able to make a date. Last night, I encouraged my Beloved to text his friend, say that he was off today and ask her what time could they get together for coffee.

As it turns out, they have been together all day today (I haven’t heard a thing!) See? Spontaneous friends…

Same with tonight. My Angel and I were invited last night for an impromptu backyard dinner tonight with our two besties. No weeks-in-the-making moment – just a simple, “Hey, wanna’ come over Friday night and we’ll hang out?” kinda’ thing. It was a nice surprise and Martin and I are really looking forward to it. I think our friends are, too..

When it comes to friends and friendship, if you have to “work” to schedule times to get together, well, that makes me a little sad. It makes friendship seem like, well, work to me – schedules and plans and time slots. Our close friends are always welcome at our place – we may be in raggedy sweat pants with yuck-y hair (like I even HAVE a lot of hair) but people that you know and love, people that matter to you, well,they should always be able to stop, visit and laugh with you without an appointment. Surprise and spontaneity make life more joyful and fun.

Give it a try – pick a weekend, plan NOTHING, and challenge yourself to see how great it is. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Don’t be this person –

Spontaneous tomorrow

Martin has helped me become a lot more spontaneous, and I suggest it as a goal to everyone. You will enjoy your daily life more and “big events” will become less important. In fact, you will probably come to realize that many daily events actually ARE big events – you were always just too busy scheduling other things to notice…

For the love of God…

That phrase is usually uttered in a moment of complete frustration or exasperation: “For the LOVE of God.” I heard someone say it yesterday who was (apparently) tired of standing in line at a coffee shop. Saying that phrase is sort of like swearing, only more polite. If the F-word is blue language, “For the love of God…” is baby blue.

Sometimes the phrase is used in casual conversation to drive home a point, such as in, “For the love of God, I told you that I didn’t want to go out dancing Saturday night till dawn.”

As a recovering Catholic, when I hear those words I have a different association, a different meaning. And, as a lover of contemporary art, I definitely have a different vision in my head when I hear someone voice those five, short words. In my mind, this is what I see:

Image“For the Love of God” – Damien Hirst, 2007

For the Love of God is a sculpture by artist Damien Hirst. It is, at the same time, an obscure piece of contemporary art and a celebrated one as well. You can “Google” the piece and find all kinds of details about it – a life-size, platinum cast of a human skull with real human teeth, covered with more than 8600 flawless diamonds, including the stunning, pear-shaped Skull Star Pink Diamond in the forehead, When created, it was estimated that the cost to produce this piece was over fourteen million British pounds. It is now, as they say, virtually priceless. And it makes me smile…

There are few things more grotesque or terrifying than a human skull yet here is one, all bright, shining and sparkle-y. Instead of turning away when we see, we are drawn towards it. We want to touch it, to lay our eyes upon it and revel in its ostentatious-ness. At a time in history when zombies have never been more present in popular culture, this art is creepy cool. We look at this piece and do not fear Death, or its face, but maybe want to invite it out for coffee, to become its friend. We covet the opulence of this piece. We stand transfixed by its perfection.

I mean, really, for the love of God, I want to own it…