Monday Memes 25

Love. Funny how love “changes course” and gets redefined as relationships flourish – then sometimes flounder. I am lucky – I kissed a LOT of frogs before I found my Prince (he found me, actually!) but it was worth it. I love you, MSW.

In the beginning, it’s like:

love fearlessly

However, sometimes we “make a mistake,” or the dreaded “It’s-not-you-it’s-me” moment arrives and then this happens:

lovers to nothing

However, if stars align (as mine have), you find your true love – “The One” – and life is more like this:

define loveI wish each of you reading this the good fortune I have found…



So today was a challenging day, overall – my father’s health seems to now be deteriorating rapidly, work was a wee bit, um, discombobulated and even just getting to work sucked (45 minutes this morning for what is normally a nine minute commute). I mean, today of all days, I was suffering from a SEVERE case of ~

WTFBut, I managed to make it thru the day and get home to my beloved spouse, Martin (he makes every day better). So, after chowing down on a delicious meal Martin prepared, we were just relaxing and having coffee when the phone rang. It was a call from my former business partner – it was good to hear his voice and catch up a bit. It was also great to hear the news he had called to share; I won’t tell you all the details other than it is SUPER good news that came at a SUPER good time regarding the ongoing shutdown of the business we formerly shared. It was GREAT news; no, I mean REALLY great news, and I was like (again but in a different way) ~

seriously-wtfSeems that I received another “bitch slap” from The Universe tonight. I always think that, when I get my head in an odd/bad place, or when I stop “hoping and believing,” The Universe reaches down and gives me a bitch slap to set me straight again. I never see them coming (the bitch slaps) but, honestly, I always deserve them. THANK YOU, Universe, for caring enough about me to not only take care of me and my beloved but also taking a hot second to remind me of that fact. I’ll “try and do better,” promise…


Monday Memes 20 (I’m Back, Bitches)

For the past few weeks/months, I have felt kinda’ lost. My spirit has been beaten down and I was all but ready to give up on a career that I really love. Mercifully, that mood or darkness or whatever you want to call it has passed and/or lifted. I feel renewed and excited about working again. A big THANK YOU to ALL my friends, peers and colleagues for your unwavering support and massive  “rah-rah-ing” of late, and an especially HUGE thanks to my beloved MSW, without whom I’m not sure I would have “resurfaced.” (He rocks!) Anyway…

In the tradition of “Monday Memes” – I am nothing if not a traditionalist – I offer up these three graphic gems that helped inspire me to keep going and reminded me that I always need to follow my heart. Enjoy!

show your dreams

do what you love


You Must Be This Tall (To Have My Life)

roller coasterThe image above definitely captures the kind of day I have had today. The day started awesomely enough when I received an email confirming that an order going to Acapulco, Mexico was a “GO!” and the monies were being wired to our account today. That order process has been a L-O-N-G one starting, oddly enough, with a private message about a post on Facebook from a woman I have never met (she’s in my “mob” in Mob Wars). Now, a few weeks later, after what seems like pretty many emails, that order is a reality. And – on top of it all – I made a new “friend” in Acapulco, a charming and beautiful woman that has been my contact since the beginning. (“Hi,” Bere!) So, good start to the day.

Then, the day hit the first “loop.”

A pretty big project we have literally been working on for probably ten months came to a grinding halt. It’s no one’s fault – a rather cataclysmic event happened at the building where the project was happening and everything has been “put on hold” for 90 days, till the current situation is resolved. Again, I adore the woman we are working with on that project and I think we were really, REALLY close to “closing the deal,” then life happened.

Is it frustrating? You bet! Can I be “mad” at anyone for the circumstances? That’s like being mad when it rains – it just happens…

The next loop? Another client I adore dropped by the studio to pick up her light fixture – a replacement light fixture, to be honest. The clients are a sweet couple, super nice and super understanding, and I was glad the supplier replaced their previously-defective fixture so quickly. That was till 30 minutes later, when I got the call from her husband that the replacement fixture had the same issue as the original fixture.

Hear that sound? It is me, digging through my desk drawer, looking for that hand gun. About 20 minutes after that phone call, I got the pictures in an email. Damn!!!

Then what? What? My business partner checks our bank account online as a joke to see if the Mexico money is there and, lo and behold, the wire transfer dollars from our Acapulco client are already here and PENDING deposit! Hooray! That was super fast, right? 🙂

Whew! The day finally ends and I hurry home to be with my Beloved. Things are looking up. We have a great salad, watch some TV, do a little homework, watch some Eurovision (more on that later) and now he is reading in bed as I am writing this. I love that guy.

Before I started writing this blog, I checked my work email box. Again, a miracle – the client I adore (the second one) spent some time “tweaking” his replacement light fixture (he is magic!) It is installed, it looks fantastic (he sent more pics) and he and his wife seem pretty happy. OMG. Thank The Universe this day is almost over.

Soon I will turn in for the night, too. Today has been one roller coaster of a day. I will be happy to slip in beside my Beloved and enjoy some sweet – and hopefully non-work-related dreams… Tomorrow is another day. ‘Night!

Wednesday Roller Coaster

I was “off” work today and have had a roller coaster of a day… The good part of it?

I got to spend the bulk of the day with the two men I love most – my father (Pop-pop) and my husband (MSW). MSW and I went down to visit Pop-pop today, tour his new 2BR/2bath condo – which is pretty sweet, BTW – and have lunch at Shelby’s own Chinese buffet. Delicious. We also took Pop-pop some paczki’s (ridiculously-delicious filled donuts eaten to observe “Fat Thursday” – more on that tomorrow). MSW and I had a great time, my father enjoyed our visit and, all-in-all, that part of my day was fantastic. Now, the other part…

For anyone considering owning his/her own business, let me just share with you that MANY – and I mean MANY – days, you will feel like this:

Punch the wallI feel like that today. Without going into a ton of details, I will just share that I have been shepherding a client order for WEEKS, with weekly status update emails, and weekly assurances from the manufacturer that all is “right on target” and the product will ship on schedule. It was supposed to ship this Friday (the day after tomorrow).

Today I got an email – not even a phone call! – letting me know the manufacturer was sorry but it would have to be “pushed back” a week. Ugh. I wanted to throw my phone down and stomp on it (I was checking my email with my phone).

Some free advice – NEVER check your work email on your days off…

It will all be resolved. No one is dying. But it IS annoying, frustrating and supremely aggravating when you have done EVERY SINGLE THING CORRECTLY and you still get screwed. Just one of the many joys of small business ownership…

For now, I’m gonna’ go watch some mindless TV with my Beloved and eat a(nother!) paczki. I’ll fret more about this all tomorrow. It is comforting to know that yeast-y fried dough, chocolate cream filling and copious powdered sugar always make everything better. Sorry, Weight Watchers – I’ll “track” tomorrow.

My Dairy Product Day

My day today was like a giant slice of Swiss cheese – great, but full of holes…

swiss cheeseI was OFF today, along with my Beloved, and while we had no specific plans in mind, I did have a few things I wanted to “get done.” I now find myself seated at the keyboard, wondering where big chunks of it (my day) went. My original task list is hardly dented; my goal of “getting everything done early” so I could spend a chill, relaxed evening with my Sweetie is yet-to-be-realized (it is a little after 7PM as I write these words). What happened to my day – where the heck did blocks of time go? Like a slice of Swiss cheese, my day has more than a a few holes in it. Today was Wednesdairy for me…

I can blame a rather demanding interior design client for taking a big chunk outta’ my day (but it will hopefully be SO worth it). I ran a few necessary errands, including picking up a movie for tonight, and that carved 90 minutes out of my day. My Beloved gave me a quick haircut (only about 20 minutes, max). And during the course of today, we also ate lunch, I bathed (twice!) and we enjoyed salads for dinner. I also wrote and sent out a handful of Valentine’s Day cards (which will be late!) and, as usual, posted on Facebook and shuffled around some papers. So, I mean, it’s not that the day hasn’t been productive, just not as productive (I suppose) as I had originally planned…

I guess what I maybe need to do is stop singling out the Swiss, step back and take in the whole “cheese plate” of my day. With some perspective – and good, crusty bread, grapes and some tapenade – suddenly my overall day looks a LOT more bountiful and appetizing…

cheese app


Time For Another Update

This arrived at our house today – it’s time for another personal technology update…

Google-Chromecast-Dongle-2I’m not even sure what this thingamabob does, but my beloved Martin assures me that it will change our lives for the better! I have to laugh – my Sweetie gets so excited whenever these new technology “updates” arrive at our house. Truth be told, me? Not so much. I mean, the other day I picked up our TV remote and had to think about how to change the channel!

Here is the reality of my existence: Tim + Technology = Disaster. If anything ever happens and Martin leaves me, I won’t be able to turn the TV on…

I don’t know – maybe I am just not one of those technology-savvy types. I mean – and this is absolutely serious – were it not for Martin, this would be my phone:

rotary phoneI’m embarrassed to admit – we had our iPhones for two weeks before I finally asked Martin to show me how to dial out! And were it not for Martin, I’d NEVER get any updates.

Martin and I enjoy watching TV but, had he not pushed me, our TV would look like this:

TVAnd FORGET about downloads and playlists and pod casts. Ouch! I never know what button to push – and, I mean, I STILL BUY CD’S! But again, Martin is patient and supportive; otherwise, we’d still be listening to vinyl on this:

stereoSure, go one, laugh at me. But THANK GOD Martin is in my life, for many, MANY reasons, not only his technology prowess! He always makes me happy, he makes me smile, and he NEVER makes me feel “technologically-challenged,” even though this is still what I think of when someone references “The Cloud:”

SONY DSCI’ll keep you all posted as to the upcoming “life changes” now that our googley-chrome-y thingie is here. And one last question: Why the heck is that plug-in thing called a “dongle?”