Coming Soon

In the coming weeks, I will be embarking on the next chapter of my life, a chapter of great expectations, high hopes and (hopefully/finally) some small measure of financial reward and security. I long ago gave up on the hope of ever being “rich” – now I hope to have “enough,” with maybe – just maybe – a little left over to put aside for a rainy day. I am excited and anxious, nervous and euphoric. The possibility of finally doing the something I love with the someone I love makes me almost giddy. I will definitely keep you posted…

tryIn anticipation of the “new launch,” I have been seeking out inspirational memes, or – as I like to call them – hotline messages from The Universe. These images resonate with me very strongly, especially the image below – I cannot remember the last time I tried something “for the first time.” 

first time

Wish me luck – I’d appreciate it!!! I will definitely keep you posted as my new adventure develops and unfolds. It.Will.Be.Awesome!

16 March – My Own Personal Holiday

For the second year in a row, 16 March is a significant day for me. Going forward, I think I am going to informally consider today’s date as my personal “New Beginning Day” day.

Last year, 16 March 2012 was my first day “post-treatment” for prostate cancer. My radiation treatment for prostate cancer was over – I had endured forty-four (44) consecutive sessions of external beam radiation therapy and by this date a year ago I was “done” (the treatment side effects lingered for a while but more on that another time).


On this day last year, I was filled with hope and optimism about the future and resolved I would make my life the way I had always envisioned it to be, or at least as close as possible. It was my first day of wellness and I was excited…

Fast-forward to 16 March 2013 – one year later. After a particularly challenging year at work, my business partner and I have decided to close our store at its current location and re-open it in a different area of Cleveland. It was a long-discussed, agonizing decision that caused us both many sleepless nights and endless days of worry.


In the end, we decided we had no choice but to make the move and I am quite excited about it. I worked my last day in our existing store yesterday so, again, 16 March is another new beginning for me. It is the first day on my new journey to greater business success.

I shared this story with a friend and he just shook his head. “Wow, that’s a lot happening in twelve months – cancer treatment, closing a business. I know you must be sad and tired.” 

head in hands

Tired?  Sure. Sad?  Not so much. More like – Grateful. Excited. Happy. All in all, I actually consider myself to be pretty lucky…

I mean, so far, I am a “Cancer Survivor.”  All my numbers look good, the side effects have all but vanished, my overall general health is great so I am fingers

I will be celebrating five years this August with the most wonderful partner ever, my beloved Martin. I thank The Universe every day that he came into my life and I cannot even fathom my future without him. He’s the best!!!

finer couple

I am lucky to be in business with another great guy, Scott, who is the perfect complement to my craziness. This may sound weird, but we are a great team and balance one another well. Our skill sets “mesh” and that is amazing.yin

I know my store is “closing” but we are only re-locating, not closing forever. Every successful business has to re-adjust and re-define itself periodically to continue to be successful and grow. So, I am lucky in that respect, too.

I guess it is somehow oddly symbolic that my personal “New Beginning Day” should fall on 16 March 2013. I mean, it is the eve of St. Patrick’s Day and the symbol I always associate with St. Paddy’s Day is a Lucky Four Leaf Clover.


I guess I AM a pretty lucky guy. “Happy New Beginning Day” to you!