Living in Technicolor

Someone asked me today how it felt – no, actually she asked me what it felt like – now that my beloved husband Martin has been granted a green card. I told her that in many ways, it felt just the same, but in one BIG way, it felt much different.

She pressed on, asking me for more details. I asked if she remembered the scene from The Wizard of Oz, right after Dorothy lands in Munchkinland. Prior to the moment she opens the front door, the movie is in black and white (more of a sepia, actually). Once the door opens, before her is Oz in all its Technicolor glory – bright, beautiful and full of wonder. Her whole world changed, and the way she saw the world changed as well…

That’s how it felt for me today – the world was now bright, beautiful and amazing, full of boundless opportunities and endless joy. In an even more graphic (and definitely “less gay” way), our world went from this yesterday morning –

Sepia tree

… to something a LOT more like this in the early afternoon –

Green treeIt is a new and different feeling, being able to “see” all the colors and possibilities in our future now, Martin and me. It is amazing how one tiny document can change your life in ways hard to even imagine. We can travel. We can work/live wherever we want. We don’t have to worry about being separated. We can BREATHE. And it is a pretty kick-ass feeling for sure.

We are ready – ready to leave the sepia behind and start living in bold Technicolor! Hooray!

So sorry but…

day offSorry friends – today has been a big news day, politically-speaking, and my eyes are fried out from reading so many things online. I mean, it is kinda’ hard for me to even type this – so, a “nothing post” for today (sorry).

I promise to be back tomorrow full of witty bon mots and such. Ciao!



As I was flipping through the “camera roll” on my iPhone today, I happened upon a group of pics taken probably three years ago, or longer, on an outing to The Cleveland Museum of Art with my beloved. This pic made me pause and smile:

"Stargazer" from The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio. Permanent Collection.

“Stargazer” – The Cleveland Museum of Art, Permanent Collection. Image by Tim Kempf.

This beautiful statuette was always the very first thing one encountered as you entered the museum’s hallowed halls to tour the permanent galleries. Nicknamed “Stargazer,” I believe this piece is the oldest piece of art in the museum’s collection. She – I’m not sure why I think this figure is a “she” but I do! – is an example of Cycladic Art, a product of one of the oldest civilizations in history. I’m not sure exactly why, but I have always been drawn to Cycladic Art in general and this figure in particular. No matter what show or artist is being featured at the museum, every time I go, I seek this figure out. Her transcendent beauty actually makes me happy and at peace when I gaze upon her.

I know – weird, right?

Anyway, it was fate that I should see this image today. For the past 24 hours or so I have been experiencing a weird, anxious feeling – my Mom used to call it “ouchiness” – and for whatever reason, when I happened upon this pic of Stargazer today, I smiled and instantly felt more calm. It’s hard to explain the effect “things” can have on our well-being but I am glad she helped me with mine today. Maybe I am one of the children of the stars; maybe we all are…

The figure itself is lovely, and so tiny – I bet this piece is less than five inches tall. But her posture and demeanor – the way she is looking up and waiting, suggests big hope and promise to me. And who couldn’t use a little of that today…