A Dream Redefined

As a young gay boy growing up in the middle of nowhere (Shelby, Ohio), I always had a vision of what my “grown-up” life would be: I’d have a fabulous job, have fabulous friends, live in a fabulous city, wear fabulous clothes, take the train to work (I’d be too fabulous to drive) and – well, I think you get the picture. An experience-hungry gay teen in a town of, like, 8000 people (most of them my cousins), dreaming of a fantasy life in a major metropolitan area. I always thought my life would look like this:

Commuters on a TrainYeah, that handsome guy on the left would have been me (like I EVER looked like that), taking the train into “the city” to my job (no doubt in advertising or public relations), stealing a peek at the uptight lady-in-a-power-suit’s New York Times. These didn’t even exist when I was fifteen but I am SO sure I would have had a kale smoothie – with an energy boost – for breakfast, I would have “worked out” at lunch (maybe racquetball for 45 minutes?) and then I would have taken the train home to my handsome “boyfriend” in the tony suburb we lived in outside the city – I’m thinking it would have been like a 40 minute commute, each way. Once home, I would have popped some great-but-not-overly-pretentious wine and my love and I would have watched the shows we taped on the VCR the night before. Bliss.

Fast forward thirty years into reality…

I do have a job I enjoy – two jobs, really – but to be honest, I am making about the same dough I made when I was twenty-five. Instead of a smartly-cut suit, I wear a logo’d polo shirt and khakis to work every day, and my sleek attache case has been replaced with my brown bag lunch. I did make it to a “big city” – well, actually, I live in Cleveland, Ohio, the 45th largest city in America. I love smoothies, but the kind made with peanut butter, honey and bananas. Exercise? YUK! And I do not live with my boyfriend – I actually live with my legally-married HUSBAND (although we prefer the term spouse) and my commute from work is a seventeen minute bus ride to a mildly tony suburb of Cleveland. There is no wine; I quit drinking more than a decade ago. And the VHS has been replaced by On Demand/a VCR.rtabus

Is my life what I imagined/hoped it would be? No – it’s even better!

I have a man that completes me in every way, after a lifetime of false-starts and failed relationships. Today I left my job at one of our city’s most-revered public institutions, walked past our world-class art museum as well as the permanent home of our world famous orchestra, thru the campus of a prestigious private college and waited at the bus stop outside the campus cathedral. While I didn’t get to “steal” a Wall Street Journal or Times read, I sat next to a lovely lady that was chatty, obviously an immigrant and just super delightful and polite. No one did any break dancing on the bus, and no one gave me a card that said s/he was (insert disability here) and selling these cards to make a living. I stepped on the bus at 5:38P; at 6:05P, I was in my PJ’s, missing my Beloved (he works tonight 5-10P). I called a couple of friends and then made a cup of instant coffee with “fancy” flavored creamer. I am now waiting for my Beloved to get home from work. It’s been a great day.

Dreams are great but seldom turn out to be all we imagined them to be. If, like me, you get lucky – your life will be even better than you imagined! I had a rough draft for my life in my head, one which I thought was perfection. The reality is, my life is honestly more perfect now than I could have ever dreamed.

Would I like to “hit” The Powerball for $160 million dollars? You bet but, all in all, I am pretty blessed. Thanks, Universe! I appreciate it!


Cleveland No Pants Subway Ride 2014

It’s nice to know that, even at 55, I must be considered “cool.” I got an invitation today to participate in Saturday’s Cleveland No Pants Subway Ride 2014.

See, I MUST be cool…

I guess this is maybe like the “raves” of my youth, or flash mobs more recently in that the events are organized “off the grid” and only “cool” people are involved. Here in Cleveland and a number of other cities around the globe, people will just show up and commit to ride public transportation “sans trousers.” In Cleveland, we do not technically have a subway system but the participants will be riding the RTA system:

Cleveland RTA mapThe gathering place and route are defined here on the Cleveland No Pants Subway Ride 2014  Facebook event page. From that page:

As per Improv Everywhere, NYC’s activity aimed at spreading a little harmless chaos and joy. This is Cleveland’s group for participating with over 60 cities now around the world… all this coming weekend. This is NOT a naked day, a no rules day, or a strive for public indecency day! The rules are clear: it’s just a typical ride except for one detail…

and that would be the pantslessness…

No Pants Subway Ride

nopants-subway-rideI’m not sure I would look as chic or sexy as these gentlemen in my “Superman Underoos” but it sounds like it will be a riot. Unfortunately, I have to work but I wish all the pantless participants a HELL of a good time.

I think the world can definitely use a lot more foolishness like this. We all seem to be taking life MUCH too seriously lately. Kickin’ it with strangers in our undies, blushing and laughing and just being “one” in something memorable and silly must be amazing. Like I said, I hope you all have a super day.

I’m jealous…

For more information on the history of No Pants Subway Ride events, please click here.