Monday Memes 34

In the past 48 hours, Cleveland has received more than a foot of snow. What does that mean? Normally, a little snow in Cleveland is nothing – heck, even a foot isn’t that big a deal. That said, today kinda’ sucked because of the snow. Why? Because I parked my car on the street and snow plows apparently had no option but to PLOW my car in, pushing snow up and beyond the bottom of the doors (I drive a mini van), leaving my poor car to languish and die a slow, frozen death out on the curb. The situation sucked.

Then The Universe stepped in and reminded me that people are good and kind…


My Beloved and I spent about five hours today shopping with a client, then helping install the items she had purchased. We saw the van, looking forlorn and snow-covered as we left for the appointment. In fact, we tried to “unstick it” from its frozen cage before we left, to no avail. (We took our “other car”). When we came back, I was certain the sun had warmed the snow enough to allow me to simply drive out of the 18″ snow bank smothering the van.

It had not.

And so, with me at the wheel, my Angel began pushing the van. We rocked back and forth, gaining and then losing, inches at a time. When I saw that he looked frozen, I suggested we trade places – he would take the wheel and I would push and rock. I’m not sure why but, after about two minutes of pushing, a security officer in a Bobcat stopped and began helping push. Then another. And finally, a LADY – with two bags of groceries, walking down the street – joined in and helped. In about four minutes, the van was free!!! We all smiled, high-fived one another, then the lady grabbed her groceries, the second man walked away and the first man returned to his mini snowplow and drove off.

It was inspiring, and the experience touched my heart. For a moment I questioned if maybe I had looked that pathetic, out there pushing on my own but – no matter the reason – I was truly grateful that The Universe sent those three angels to help Martin and me.

help people

I forget sometimes that the world is full of kind, generous people – people that care about others, even strangers stuck in a snow drift. Thank you, nice lady with groceries, man out walking and security officer in a little Bobcat. I like to think you helped me and were kind to me because I am helpful and kind to others. Whether that is true or not, I will take this afternoon’s kindness, remember it and pay it forward.


Winter. White. Enough…

Today has been a long and unusual day at work – it has been slow, customer-wise, but every one that has come in has been super needy and chatty/full of questions. I spent a lot of the day just catching up on holiday emails and the like, and have been working a little on an upcoming project. But mostly, I have been alone all day. Just me, and the snow…

snowy branchesWhen I came to work several hours ago, it was snowing. It is still snowing. And it is cold. And white. I remember a condition called snow blindness – I wonder if I am suffering from snow madness? I looked up at one point and thought I saw this outside our store windows…

Polar BearAnd the cute. comical stuffed penguins – part of our holiday window display – have morphed into these…

PenguinsAnyhow, I leave work in a little over an hour. After work I will bundle up and head to my car,

foot printswhere I will clean off the car windows – you have to be able to see to drive safely, right?

snow covered faceAnd drive home to my waiting Sweetie, where we will cuddle under a blanket, drink hot chocolate and watch some mindless TV all evening…igloo houseEverybody? KEEP WARM! The snow is supposed to last for another few hours so be safe, stay warm and think about summer. BTW? Here is a lot of white I would LOVE to see today…

white sand beach

These boots were made for walking, but not down any runway…

So, the weather here has been a bit crappy of late – cold, snow, “yuk” on the ground (yuk = slush) – you know, all the typical “winter” stuff.  As I have lived in Ohio for 99.1% of my life, winter is no surprise to me, more like an inconvenience or an annoyance.   I don’t mind it, really.  Sometimes I find it quite beautiful – fresh snow, everything all white and smooth, like a landscape covered in marshmallow creme.  Or after an ice storm, when everything is all crystalline and sparkly (and we still have power!)  But what struck me as odd today, as I was considering winter, was how I distinctly remember an entirely different winter wardrobe as a child, compared to my “adult” winter attire.  In particular, I thought about these today:


Yessir, classic five buckle rubber boots, the footwear I HATED as a child. When did I stop wearing these?  I mean, I wear more expensive shoes now than I ever did as a child, and my feet quit growing many years ago (meaning I have the probability of wearing shoes “longer”) so when did I quit wearing boots?

Or hats?  I must have had a dozen or more of these growing up:


I had black hats and blue hats and those weird hats you pulled down over your face like bank robbers wear. I had hats with stripes and hats with pom-pom balls on top and I may even have had a logo-d Shelby Whippets hat (the old scarlet and gray).  I mean, when – better yet, WHY – did I stop wearing hats?

I  proportionally have less hair now than I have ever had since birth.  The “place where my guardian angel sits” (my bald spot!) is larger now than ever – and men lose like 70% of heat thru the top of our heads in winter.  So, when did I leave behind my child “winter wardrobe” and decide that being an adult meant ruining leather shoes and having a chilly head when the snow flies?

I’m not sure what the answer to my question is – maybe its vanity, maybe its rebellion (Mom ALWAYS made me wear those stupid boots!), maybe its just the natural order of life when we “…leave childish ways and pursuits behind.”  I’m not sure wearing boots, hats and gloves are childish ways – I’m gonna’ have to revisit that and give that some serious consideration.

In the meantime, most winter items are now drastically reduced for clearance.  Plus, my beloved Martin always looks incredibly chic and handsome in his hats, gloves and scarves. Who knows?  One day soon you might  see me sporting a pair of  these babies…

They are ridiculously fashionable and sporty, am I right?