Fellas, Guyliner? – Halloween Only, Please

I must admit, women are beautiful creations. Graceful and shapely, delicate and soft, ladies have a lot going in – and make-up ONLY makes it better. I have always envied women make-up, not in any sort of I-wanna’-wear-it-way but in the dang-she-looks-good-without-it-but-superfine-with-it-way. Ladies have a definite advantage over men when it comes to make-up – it helps bring out natural beauty and hide any flaws or imperfections that may exist.

Guys? We get acne cover stick and maybe some tinted moisturizer…

In recent years, however, men have started to “butch up” make-up and appropriate it for our own fair gender. Ladies’ blush became men’s “bronzer.” Ladies’ fragranced bath soaps became masculine “body washes.” Heck, even ladies’ face and neck creams have morphed into men’s “skin toning lotions.” But one thing cannot be “butched up,” no matter how hard we try – eyeliner. Sure, maybe if you are a rock star you can pull that look off but gentlemen? Guyliner always looks like girl liner to me. For example:

I think Adam Lambert,

Adam Lambert Guylinerclearly must have taken inspiration from movie and beauty icon, Dame Elizabeth Taylor…

Elizabeth Taylor

Just as matinee star Jarod Leto,

Jerod Leto Guyliner 1

Must be channeling fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen…

Mary-Kate Olsen

And are Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson (pre/mid reconstructive surgery) actually the same person?

Pete Wentz Guyliner

Ashlee SimpsonDon’t get me wrong – each of these people are beautiful but, guys, really? Forget the guyliner. It makes you look kinda’ “girl-y” (sorry). Maybe at Halloween, or on other “Special Occasions” when you feel like “dressing up” (I adore you, Raven!):



Who Thinks This Stuff Up?

This has been on my desktop for a while: A step-by-step guide to tying an Eldredge Tie Knot:

Eldredhe Tie KnotI mean really – who thinks this stuff up? What man in their right mind would ever commit to wearing a necktie with a knot that requires fifteen – FIFTEEN – separate, coordinated steps to create the desired look? No one I know…

Listen, don’t get me wrong. I like to think I am “fashion forward.” And I really, really do like ties – they are the ONLY fashion accessory that men have that allows us to compete with women and their scarves and hats and jewelry, etc. Mens’ suits remain fairly standard from season to season to season – sure, maybe the lapels get skinnier or wider – or disappear all together, but men are essentially given shoes, socks, pants, shirts and jackets – not too many pieces to have fun with. But ties, OMG, ties – woven, printed and knitted ties. Silk or linen or woolen ties. Skinny or wide, long or short, bow tie or standard – ties are the ONLY men’s fashion accessory, in my humble opinion.

So why the Eldredge Knot?

Surely the man that wears this knot has a delicate neck and an extremely L-O-N-G necktie. Remember – fifteen steps, many involving a “wrap” or a “twist.” And forget about a small circumference neck – the man that sports an Eldredge must have a long, graceful neck – like a giraffe – otherwise that massive knot of fabric at his throat would swallow his face. But who wears this knot?

The Eldredge Tie Knot Look how dapper that looks, with a sporty button down collar and a cute sweater vest. But wait – a skull and crossbones tie bar? Really? Pre-pubescent facial hair? Oh, NOW I see who wears this knot – this guy:

Eldregde Knot GuyYup. A hipster, of course. So, if I “deconstruct” this pic – this guy has never started shaving, the vest is a thrift-shop find, he spends 25 minutes using Bed Head hair products to make his hair look like he never combed it, the button-down shirt is a gift from his parents at Christmas and the tie knot is a quiet-but-bold personal fashion statement that says, “Hey bro’, I am cool.” (I guess the skull and crossbones tie bar and/or the ear gauges were maybe too understated?) And he drinks chai lattes.

You know what? More power to this guy, and any man that wants to risk getting hives in an attempt to tie this complicated knot. Maybe I don’t know a lot about men’s fashion but I do know this – when your tie knot is approximately the same size/shape as your chin, well, maybe it’s not the greatest fashion statement.

At least not for me…

Things I Like – Lighting Edition

By now, at over 250 posts “in,” I think most of you know I am an interior designer by profession. I love my job – a LOT – but if it has one drawback it is the fact that I am exposed to so many beautiful things every day.

It makes my mind explode sometimes…

I have always LOVED lighting – chandeliers, pendants, table lamps, floor lamps, night lights – ALL of them. Researching lighting for projects is definitely one of my most favorite tasks. So here, in no particular order, are just five of the pendant lamps and/or chandeliers I am currently smitten with – and none will remind you of your Granny’s dining room…

Tom Dixon Etch PendantsTom Dixon Etch Pendant Lamps – images courtesy Tom Dixon

The Etch Pendants are amazing – the pierced polyhedron shapes, combined with the rich metal finishes (stainless steel, brass or copper) make me CRAZY for this fixture…

Falcon Chandelier

Laura Kirar’s Falcon Chandelier by arteriors home – image courtesy arteriors

This bowl-shaped fixture has elements based on the abstract shape of falcon wings, accented with huge glass cabochons. The warm bronze finish is delicious…

Mercury Suspension LampRoss Lovegrove’s Mercury Suspension Lamp for Artemide – image courtesy Artemide

This is not a new fixture, although Ross Lovegrove is one of my all-time favorite designers – and I still think this lamp is magical…

Cindy Lou Who The Cindy Lou Who Crystal Pendant – image courtesy Cyan Design

The Cindy Lou Who Pendant has hand-blown ribbons of cognac-colored Murano glass, with matching cognac crystals and ropes. An old idea treated in a decidedly new way…

Trapieze PendantThe Trapieze 6-Light Pendant image courtesy TREND Lighting

Inspired in part by the dynamic  “chandelier” forms created by glass artist Dale Chihuly, the Trapieze is lighting and art combined (and comes in a few colorways!)

As a designer, for me, lighting is always the soul of any space. I hope you have enjoyed/been inspired by these five favorites of mine. I guess I hope I have helped you “see the light,” LOL!

Freezer Burn (The New Avengers Flick!)

Today my beloved and I went to an open casting call for extras for the new Avengers movie, tentatively entitled “Freezer Burn,” that will be filming segments here in Cleveland in the coming months. The directions stated the following: “Applications accepted 10A till 3P, professional attire, bring a pen. No early line ups.” That all seems pretty simple, right?

So, Martin and I entered the line at 10:21 AM, behind what I am guess-timating to be over 1000 people. Clearly some people lined up early. We waited in line for over four hours outside, in freezing rain and tornado force winds. Once inside, we waited an additional 40 minutes before being cattle called into a room to hear five minutes of instructions. We then filled out a piece of paper with about fifteen questions and had our picture taken. It was fun (mostly) and I am glad we did it, especially together, but it made me question the ability of most people to follow directions…

First was the line; I mean, there was simply no way that many people could have even PARKED in 21 minutes and gotten in line. It was like those amusements park rides, only without the “You-have-a-four-hour-wait-from-this-point” signs. I was afraid I would have to “go potty” way before it was over; thankfully, my bladder did me proud.

line(I WISH it had been this warm and sunny in line today!)

Next, the attire. Now I am no clothes horse, or any sort of male super model but “professional attire” suggests (at least to me) ties and dress shirts for guys and blouses and slacks for the ladies – at a MINIMUM. I have to say, I have never seen so many poorly dressed people gathered in one place. I was actually a little embarrassed for our city; I’m not sure that sweat pants and graphic tees qualify as professional attire.

badly-dressed-people-72044693 (1)(I’m sorry, Monsieur Gaultier – I disagree!)

Finally, bring a pen. The instructions weren’t “Bring your original birth certificate” or “Bring a recent blood sample” – it was “Bring a pen.” Is that hard?

pens(Everybody has “this” drawer at their house, am I right?)

Anyway, all in all, it was a fun experience, and something to cross off my “Bucket List.” I hope we both get calls; it won’t be any fun doing it without sharing the experience together. I’ll keep you posted; who knows, in a movie coming to theaters soon, my Sweetie and I might appear in the closing credits as “Handsome Man with Tie” and “Chubby Guy with Beard” – stay tuned!!!

the end(Wish me luck – “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!”)