Ready? Set? GO!!!

Today, my Beloved and I started the process of applying for his green card, with the ultimate goal of him becoming a United States citizen at some point in the future. Our more immediate goal is that we can be together here in The States as a couple free from the tremendous emotional and financial worry that comes from being part of a male, bi-national couple. We took the first step about six weeks ago –

wedding bandsWe got married. Today, we signed on with a law firm that specializes in immigration law and will petition the US government on my behalf to issue my husband a marriage-based green card. We had our initial intake interview today –

ChecklistAnd we still have (I fear) a LOT of paperwork and filing to do in our future. I suspect at some point the computer room in our apartment may look like this –

paperworkand that everything we submit will be reviewed and scrutinized with a keen eye –

detectiveFinally, at some point my Angel and I will be questioned by uniformed government officers as they review all the materials we have submitted, vetting our relationship and documenting that it is “legit.” According to our legal team, and based on anecdotal information I have received from other couples going through the same process in different cities/states, this can be an intimidating part of the process – but I am not worried…

interrogationSee, I am reminded of two pieces of wisdom, shared with me by two people I loved and admired. One of my old bosses, Mr. Pearl, always said, “If you always tell the truth, you never have to remember what you lied about.” And my Mom always said, “You never have to be afraid when you are honest and tell the truth because the truth is always the right thing to say.”

Here’s the truth –

After five years together, weathering challenges no regular couple – straight or gay – should ever have to weather, I love my SBF, I mean my HUSBAND, more than ever… 

We are ready to “get the party started.” I’ll keep you all posted. Thanks for coming on this journey with us…




More Profound Observations from BeeBoo

People that follow my blog may remember my Mom’s nickname is BeeBoo. She passed away almost five years ago but she is still very much “with me” in my heart. I hear her in my head all the time, spouting BeeBoo-ism’s. Today, I kept hearing one of BeeBoo’s most frequent summer statements. It is essentially ONE sentence with many different endings:

“It’s too damn hot today to even (fill in the blank here).”

Some popular endings with Beeboo were –

Melted cone

 “It’s too damn hot today to even eat,” as well as

sweaty head

“It’s too damn hot today to even think,” and then there was

breathing fire

“It’s too damn hot today to even breathe,” and probably my FAVORITE,

why bother

“It’s too damn hot today to even bother.”

I’d like to add one more, “It’s too damn hot today to even blog.”

Blank Page

Turn those air conditioners up to high, my friends. Hope tomorrow is cooler!!!