white noise

Frequently, writers and bloggers face “writer’s block,” or “the blank page.” They cannot generate a single thought, idea or topic to share, or explore or consider. They are “empty.”

Today, my situation is quite the opposite; I have SO many thoughts and ideas to share and examine that I am having trouble distilling one down into a post subject. If you are old enough, you can maybe remember when TV stations “ended their broadcast days” and the screens went blank, filled with “snow” and “white noise.” That’s what’s in my head tonight:

whitenoiseI have too many things running thru my brain tonight, not the least of which are thoughts of my Mom. Tomorrow would have been my Mother’s 77th birthday (she passed away in 2008). I think about her almost every day and, most days it’s OK. Some days – like tonight and tomorrow – it is/will be harder. So like those old TV stations of yesteryear, I am “signing off” for today and will “resume regular broadcasting” tomorrow. Thanks for understanding…

(insert your own title here)

Some days I have trouble deciding on a blog subject, you know, “what to write about.” I struggle to have a clear idea or concept in mind when I sit down here at the keyboard. Today it is quite the opposite – I have SO many ideas running through my brain that I cannot crystallize one, I cannot “pin one down.” I have started three different posts, each one rambling off first in this then in that direction, none clear or defined. I keep trying to focus but in my mind I see this:


That’s right, in my head it’s all one big test pattern. It’s like my mind has overloaded and kinda’ shut down for the day. I have a LOT of things on my mind, both work and personal things. They are all GOOD so no worries. It’s just that I have so many ideas and thoughts today that they actually are all combining to make one big “swirly mess” in my head…

I’m sorry.

I actually asked my beloved SBF today if he thought I was getting forgetful or maybe displaying symptoms of early onset dementia. He just laughed and told me I was silly, that I had a lot on my mind lately and that I wasn’t “going senile.” Whew – that is a relief to me.

I think I shall go watch some mindless TV and give the old noggin a rest tonight. I apologize for my “lack of focus and creativity” today. Just like old TV stations, I ask that you please stand by; normal “blogging” will resume as quickly as possible. Thank you.

At least the test pattern has pretty colors to look at…   😉