Were It Only That Easy

As children, I think most of us are told (taught?) that if we “want something enough,” if we “wish for it,” dreams can come true. Later on, as ‘tweens, teens and young adults, we get a slightly revised, updated/corrected version: “If you work hard enough, anything is possible.” Anything? Really? 

Make a wish meme

I have to admit, as a child, I blew on hundreds of dandelions and never seemed to get what I wished for – OK, maybe sometimes. See, the thing is, children are gullible/have short memories and by the time we should have been realizing our wishes had yet to be fulfilled, we had moved on to another, different wish, so we forgot.

We forgot what we had originally hoped for… Forget our wish had gone unanswered… Forget we were for a time brokenhearted and disappointed…

boy wishSadly, as an adult, I sometimes worry that my “wisher” is broken. It isn’t that I have forgotten HOW to wish, it just seems pointless now. Wishes rarely come true (although – to be fair and honest – I wished The Universe would send me a forever love and he appeared, so…). Wishing seems a fruitless pursuit.

And what is left when wishing is no longer an option? Hard choices.

I have several hard choices to make in my life – and soon. What I find difficult about hard choices is that they never seem to present themselves one at a time – it is always MANY hard choices at a time. Hard choices suck enough by themselves, let alone in a “gang.” It is difficult enough to make one hard choice, let alone several, which makes me wish I could still just “wish” it would all be OK. ALL of it. Hey – maybe that’s why there are so many little pieces to a dried dandelion. Maybe I have been wishing incorrectly all along; maybe I should make several wishes at once, close my eyes, hope with a loving and open heart and gently blow on the biggest, most wish-rich dandelion I can find. Hmmmm. Wish me luck?



“For technical support press 3, followed by the #…”

Our computer at work is broken.

It has been broken since Sunday, 20 January 2013.



Our beloved Dell needs a “power supply unit.” Unfortunately, our Dell work horse is 5.5 years old – that’s like 225 in people years. Anyway, my business partner ran our tower to a computer doctor within two days of its breaking, had the problem diagnosed and immediately ordered the needed part from Dell. The delivery date has since been pushed back twice and, as of today, our “parts order” had been cancelled. Why, you ask? Good question.

As near as we – Dell, my business partner and I – can figure out, it was a clerical “oops,” a miss-key that resulted in our order being cancelled. It “just happens” sometimes, a mistake like that. And a new part – with ANOTHER two-week lead time – is supposedly on its way. (BTW – for whatever reason, this part cannot be shipped out overnight, I assume because it is coming from some faraway, exotic locale like China, where ancient computer replacement parts are kept).

I want our computer back. I miss it.

It holds all our business “stuff”” and no, it isn’t all backed-up on the Cloud or whatever. I am kinda’ old skool that way, which really means I don’t know how to do all that. (Honestly? Were it not for my beloved Martin, my iPhone would never be updated. Hell, I barely know how to dial out on the stupid thing. I am a techno-phobe.)

The new part will come but I anticipate another 7-10 business days for the part to arrive. That translates into almost a month without our computer at work. Sure, we have laptops and we can “limp along” but I miss our regular computer. I miss a real, life-size mouse and a real keyboard with a numeric pad to the right. I miss looking at a big screen and scrolling through window after window of open sales receipts, purchase orders, client proposals and regular old emails – try reading a three page proposal on an iPhone screen!

I don’t want to “Press 3 for technical support.” I need to know which number to press so my old work mate will come back to life – and soon!

Come back to me, Dell, come back to me…