Wednesday Roller Coaster

I was “off” work today and have had a roller coaster of a day… The good part of it?

I got to spend the bulk of the day with the two men I love most – my father (Pop-pop) and my husband (MSW). MSW and I went down to visit Pop-pop today, tour his new 2BR/2bath condo – which is pretty sweet, BTW – and have lunch at Shelby’s own Chinese buffet. Delicious. We also took Pop-pop some paczki’s (ridiculously-delicious filled donuts eaten to observe “Fat Thursday” – more on that tomorrow). MSW and I had a great time, my father enjoyed our visit and, all-in-all, that part of my day was fantastic. Now, the other part…

For anyone considering owning his/her own business, let me just share with you that MANY – and I mean MANY – days, you will feel like this:

Punch the wallI feel like that today. Without going into a ton of details, I will just share that I have been shepherding a client order for WEEKS, with weekly status update emails, and weekly assurances from the manufacturer that all is “right on target” and the product will ship on schedule. It was supposed to ship this Friday (the day after tomorrow).

Today I got an email – not even a phone call! – letting me know the manufacturer was sorry but it would have to be “pushed back” a week. Ugh. I wanted to throw my phone down and stomp on it (I was checking my email with my phone).

Some free advice – NEVER check your work email on your days off…

It will all be resolved. No one is dying. But it IS annoying, frustrating and supremely aggravating when you have done EVERY SINGLE THING CORRECTLY and you still get screwed. Just one of the many joys of small business ownership…

For now, I’m gonna’ go watch some mindless TV with my Beloved and eat a(nother!) paczki. I’ll fret more about this all tomorrow. It is comforting to know that yeast-y fried dough, chocolate cream filling and copious powdered sugar always make everything better. Sorry, Weight Watchers – I’ll “track” tomorrow.

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